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There's Something About Rory

I don't know what's going on here, and why the writers thought Stars Hollow needed this, but there's this street musician on the corner here, playing the guitar and harmonica like Jonathan Richman in There's Something About Mary. They've got him all Elvis Costelloed out. Rory's bus passes by him and stops in front of CuteDean. Rory's got a bird in a cage. CuteDean offers to carry it and they kiss hello a couple of times. I start bouncing up and down from all the sugar. CuteDean asks about the bird. Rory says that it's homework: "We will be cohabitating for the next month so I can examine its every move." She asks whether CuteDean is jealous. He says he'll get over it. Rory casually lets it drop that she'll be alone at Babette's tonight, and wonders if she'll have some company. He offers company. She accepts, and asks if he wants to get some coffee. He says he has to get to work. She says she thought he worked at five. He says that, on Thursdays, he has to get to work at four because it's really busy: "Lots of oppressed housewives shopping for their husbands' dinner." Rory stops walking and says, "Wow." CuteDean turns and says, "What?" "That was a little pointed," she says. He says it was a joke. She says it was a pretty weird joke to hear coming out of his mouth. He says she's too sensitive about this "whole Donna Reed thing." Rory says she's not sensitive; she just finds the thing to be a little ridiculous. "So, she cooked a lot!" CuteDean says. Rory says that Donna Reed made such an impressive list of foods in every episode that she could have cured world hunger. "So what?" CuteDean asks. "You really like that concept, don't you?" Rory asks. CuteDean admits that he does, sort of. Rory stomps away with an "oh, my God!" CuteDean follows her and says he thinks that the whole concept of a wife's cooking dinner for her husband and family is nice. Rory says that it's not that -- it's that the wife has to have the dinner on the table by the time the husband gets home, and that she has to look perfect to do housework, and that her one purpose in life is to serve somebody else. CuteDean says that there are two points of view here. Rory says she doesn't think so. CuteDean says that Rory only feels that way because Lorelai feels that way. Rory is outraged that CuteDean would suggest that Rory can't have opinions that she formed without anyone else's input, and goes one step further by suggesting that if she couldn't have her own opinions, CuteDean would like her more. CuteDean says that his mom used to make dinner for his dad every day before she had to start working, and now she still does it on the weekends; he asks what that makes of his mom. Rory says that CuteDean's mom has choices and makes the decision to make dinner on weekends, but that Donna Reed didn't have that choice. CuteDean reminds Rory that Donna Reed wasn't real. Rory counters that Donna Reed represented millions of women that were real, and had to live up to her standard. CuteDean interrupts her to ask how they got into an argument about The Donna Reed Show. Rory says she doesn't know. CuteDean says he has to go to work. He says goodbye. Rory stops him and asks for her bird back. As we go to commercial, I see some guy steal an orange from the fruit vendor. Cardigan Man's right. The whole neighborhood is going to shit.

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