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There's Something About Rory

Emily follows Lorelai to the kitchen and asks her how Luke knew the bird was missing. Lorelai says that she called him. Emily says it seems like Luke is always around when Lorelai is in trouble. Lorelai asks whether they have to discuss this. Emily says she's tired of being lied to, adding that Luke was at Rory's birthday party, came to the hospital with Lorelai, and is the "male lead" in every story Lorelai tells. She points out that Lorelai goes to the diner every day. She says she's seen the way they look at each other. Lorelai begs not to talk about this. Emily asks why Lorelai treats her like she doesn't have a clue about what's going on in Lorelai's life, and whether Lorelai has feelings for Luke. Lorelai thinks for a few seconds before admitting, "Maybe I do. I haven't given it that much thought." Emily smiles and thanks her for being honest with her: "Now we can discuss what on Earth you could possibly be thinking." She leaves the kitchen and reminds Lorelai to not forget the ice. I love Emily. I've missed her so.

The strange street-musician man is walking through the street singing again. Luke asks Lorelai if she's sure they need that many cans of paint. She says she's not really sure. They pile up all of the paint and talk about how they have everything together and just need to figure out when they're going to paint. Lorelai suggests Friday night. What day is it? Luke asks if she has dinner with the parents that night. Lorelai says she can duck out early for a special occasion. They agree on Friday night.

Rory meets up with Lorelai walking down the street and asks if she thinks she got enough paint. They continue small talking about dinner. Lorelai says she needs to stop at the market and get some fruit. Rory asks why, and Lorelai says, "I think I'm getting scurvy." Damn, that's funny. Comedy Rule #592: Scurvy is the funniest of all gum diseases. This is because it is a common ailment among pirates. And as we all know, Comedy Rule #356 states: Pirates are always funny. As they reach the market they hear the roar of a motorcycle. Cardigan Man walks out and curses motorcycles. Lorelai says that they should just make a line outside the town's border and refuse to let anyone in. Cardigan Man says he thinks that's illegal, even though it's a good idea, and runs back into the market to "get away from that noise." Lorelai pulls Rory towards the street and begs, "Kill me and bury me with that bike." Rory asks if it's a Harley. Lorelai states the exact bike and model it is (I know nothing about motorcycles except they've almost killed every single person I know that had one) and says she wants to get one. Rory says that she can't, because she'll die. "Oh, that," Lorelai says. The motorcycle pulls up as Lorelai and Rory start to turn back into the market. The man on the bike shouts, "Hey!" Lorelai turns around. "Nice shirt," he says. "Take it off." He takes off his helmet. "Christopher," Lorelai whispers. Rory shouts, "Dad!" and jumps into his arms. She asks what he's doing here. He says he came to see her. And Lorelai. He comments that she's not talking to him. "Hello," she says. "A word! Uh. Perhaps there's a phrase in my future." He asks why Cardigan Man is staring at him. Rory explains that Taylor is the town snoop. Lorelai asks why Christopher just showed up. He says that his parents are in Connecticut right now, so he thought he's stop by on his way to "surprise the Gilmore Girls." He asks if she's surprised. "Oh, the teeniest feather could knock me into the gutter!" Lorelai says through her frozen smile. Christopher asks where there's a place he could stay around there. Uh, does he not know that Lorelai runs an inn? Rory says he should stay with them. Both Lorelai and Christopher stammer that it's probably not a good idea. Rory pleads. Lorelai invites him to stay for a couple of days. Christopher promises not to get in the way. He tells Rory to "hop on" the motorcycle. "Hop off," Lorelai says. "Hop on," Christopher repeats. "Hop off," Lorelai insists. Christopher flashes a smile and says, "Lorelai." We can see that this boy weakens her and she sighs. "Hop on," she relents. Rory and Christopher drive off on the motorcycle. "Christopher," Lorelai whispers again, as we fade to black.

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