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As Rory and Lorelai head into Luke's, Lorelai retells Jessica Simpson's latest sound bite: that twenty-three is old, because it's almost twenty-five. Rory can't believe we live in a world where Jessica Simpson roams free while Roy gets eaten by a tiger. "Survival of the fittest, baby," Lorelai says. They enter the restaurant and complain that all of the tables have been taken. "Damn that Zagat guide!" Rory pouts. These girls wait for nothin', so they hover near two one-person tables. Rory beams at an elderly couple, while Lorelai stops just shy of hitting on a "cybergeek."

Cut to the girls pushing two tables together to create one. Lorelai compliments Rory's hovering style, adding that the tiny, dainty sneeze was the perfect touch, because germs are terrifying to the old. Rory says that Luke always hates it when they push two tables together, but Lorelai says he only complained "that one time" -- the time they "did it and he was mad." Dirty. Rory says he's hated it every time. They continue arguing in this manner, and Lorelai brags that she's going to do the same thing to Luke until he's so dizzy he throws up.

The girls pull out their calendars to plan their week. Rory has exams to study for starting Monday, so Lorelai decides they'll spend Sunday at Sephora and the movies. Luke is chipper as he runs up to the table and asks if they know what they want to eat. Lorelai says that they'll need napkins to cover up the giant line dividing the two big tables they've pushed together. Luke asks if they want pancakes: he's made pumpkin pancakes today. The girls do, and wonder why Luke isn't mad that they've pushed the two tables together. He says he was only mad "that one time." And for some reason, Lorelai has forgotten that she was the first one to state this fact. Now she's dumbfounded. Luke says he's in a good mood because he's "finally hired some help." Not that either Cesar One or Two is "help." Nor was Jess. Well, actually, I guess he wasn't. Luke says he feels like a weight has been lifted off him, and that he's so happy finally to have some help in there. Luke laughs and leaves for the girls' food.

Rory asks Lorelai about Digger. Lorelai says that there's nothing to talk about. Rory says she's in a serious relationship dry spell and needs to live vicariously through...her mom. Ew. Lorelai admits that Digger has sent things to the house (Rory: "Pipe bombs?" Lorelai: "Flowers, Candy." Rory: "Even better"), but she doesn't think it'd be appropriate to date her dad's business partner. Ya think? Lorelai admits that Digger isn't her type, but that he has "a thing" and the smarts, and he keeps up with Lorelai. Rory says that she should date him and see what happens. Lorelai knows it would make her parents angry, and that Emily would see it as a personal attack. Lorelai has only recently been forgiven for spilling wine on the carpet when she fourteen, so she's hoping to keep a clean record.

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