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Making Up And Making Love

Previously: Emily butted in. Christopher was an ass. Luke high-tailed it out of his relationship with Lorelai. Logan got some tail.

Lorelai takes mail from mailman Skip, even though she has a mailbox (and I wonder which one she ended up buying from Kirk for the inn). Lorelai compliments the "stems" on Skip, and approves of his being back in shorts. Lorelai flips through her large stack of mail and makes a "Pfth!" sound. She picks up the phone and calls her daughter. The phone number? La-la-la-LA-la-la-LA (area code 203). Ooh, Lorelai's cute outfit and the boots. I can't wear a sweater vest without looking like an exchange student dressed by her elderly caretakers. Lorelai is upset that the entire stack of mail is for Rory. "This mail envy of yours is not pretty," Rory comments. Lorelai did get some more "stupid Greenpeace return address labels." Those'll keep coming for the rest of your life. Can you believe Rory's still typing on that Blueberry clamshell iMac? Lorelai says she "feels badly [sic]" for the environment. Rory scolds Lorelai for calling Rory's cell when her bill's already astronomical. Lorelai: "But a conversation with me? Priceless."

Lorelai finds a postcard from the Temple of Apollo. It's from Emily. Look at Rory's Lite Brite lamp. Where can I get that? [/Stac(e)y] Lorelai thinks it's weird that Emily can compartmentalize her life like that, comparing her to a serial killer who goes to work, talks about a "funny Seinfeld" she saw, and then goes home and cooks herself a "man-flesh sandwich." Ha. Lorelai reads the postcard aloud: "Dear Lorelai. Kicked a dog, then punched a gypsy in the groin." Rory tells her mother to stop, but Lorelai's not finished yet: "Complained about the fois gras to a waiter whose yearly pay is less than what I spend monthly on silver polish. Then, kicked another dog!" Hee. "Tripped a nun. Then burned down an orphanage." Rory notes that Emily's vacation has a busy itinerary. Lorelai rips the postcard in half. Rory says she's just been getting reminders about Friday Night Dinner. Rory says that, for the record, she's mad at Emily as well: "Anything else?" When Lorelai is bristled from the briskness, Rory explains that she's busy studying. Lorelai: "I gotta pop out of an envelope for you to have an interest in me?" Rory promises that they'll have a gay old time this Friday night, after the dinner. Lorelai tells Rory that Skip's back in shorts. Rory wisely announces she's not going to waste cell-phone minutes on Skip and his shorts. Lorelai adds that they're the funny Reno 911! short-shorts. They hang up, and we go to opening credits.

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