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CuteDean and Rory kiss. They kiss again. It's a longer kiss that's a total shout-out to us complaining that Rory and CuteDean are too chaste this season. ["I totally agree, and said so during the episode." -- Wing Chun] Music starts from nowhere as Lane and Rory see each other from opposite sides of the street. They walk over to each other. The music stops. Whatever. "We need to talk," Lane announces. When did Lane get thirty? Her voice is all older and wiser, like she had some kind of bad breakup or a death in the family or something. She's got that look like she knows she's been written off the show or something. Maybe she hates wearing the cheerleader outfit and knows it's a bullshit storyline they've put her in. Lane tells Rory to stop teasing and judging her about it. Rory's mad that Lane didn't tell her. Lane says that Rory would have judged her anyway. Rory says they used to make fun of cheerleaders and now Lane's "peppy." Lane says that Rory's not around much anymore and she has CuteDean and Lane doesn't feel like she has to justify cheerleading to Rory. She runs off, but then runs back when she sees she forgot her pom on the bench. "Your what?" Rory asks. "Two are pompons! One's a pom!" Lane shouts.

Luke's looking under the house. Lorelai hands him a flashlight and asks why he doesn't have one of those hats with the lights on them. "I flip burgers for a living," he answers. Luke crawls out from under the house and says that there's damage to the house and that everything's pretty bad, but that he's got some buddies that can do the work on the house for pretty cheap, and she wouldn't have to pay it all right away. "Because I'm Tony Soprano?" she asks. Lorelai figures out that Luke's offering to pay it, and that she'd be paying him back. Like a loan. Because it's a loan. Back to the money. Money. Money. Always talking about money. Lorelai thanks him but says she can't take it. ["I could not figure this out. If Luke's doing part of the work, it stands to reason that it would cost less than $15,000. Take it! You're not going to get a better deal! God! Wait, maybe I do know everything." -- Wing Chun] Rory stomps past as Lorelai announces that Dean called twice. In the past fifteen minutes? "Rah, rah, rah," Rory drones. Luke asks if they're still fighting, which I don't really understand, since Lorelai was all cheery to see Rory and Rory's upset about Lane and not Lorelai. Luke asks what Lorelai is going to do. Lorelai drops her head in response.

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