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Back at the house, Lorelai is giving Rory the blessed silent treatment. Yay! Keep not talking! Glorious! Rory tells Lorelai that she's just being stubborn about not asking for help. Lorelai says she told Rory several times not to ask Lorelai's parents for the money and then Rory did it anyway. Rory says they have a real problem here. Lorelai asks how Rory thinks Lorelai doesn't know that. She says she hates using the computer but she's using it anyway to try to fix this problem and she told Rory not to bring it up to her parents. She tells Rory to apologize. Rory doesn't. Lorelai sends her to her room.

Dean's high school. Stars Hollow High? I don't know. CuteDean shouts from off-screen, "Think fast!" A basketball goes whizzing by Rory's head. There's no way she could have caught it. She's holding a comic book or something. CuteDean sits next to her. The basketball conversation goes on for a very long time, and turns into this thing where Rory says she doesn't like the way basketballs look. She segues into her fight with Lorelai. She hates how stubborn Lorelai is being. CuteDean makes a noise that launches Rory into a monologue asking CuteDean what he meant by that noise. CuteDean stops talking, noting, "Words are a very dangerous thing right now." He uses twenty-seven words to say that Rory can sometimes be stubborn, too. CuteDean says she and Lorelai will make up. Rory and CuteDean kiss. CuteDean runs down to get his ball (huh-huh). Rory hears giggling from the nearby cheerleaders. She looks up to see that Lane is one of them. They both see each other and then immediately avoid eye contact. I'm really having a hard time buying that Lane wants to be a cheerleader, y'all. CuteDean brings back a deflated ball. A car ran over it. Rory runs off.

Independence Inn. Lorelai is on the phone with a loan officer, comparing herself to the Energizer Bunny. She's asking him to reconsider. He won't. She says she'll call again in a couple of days. Michel says that she might want to try offering lapdances in the future. Lorelai says she doesn't know where to draw the line anymore. Michel says that she might want to try the Ping-Pong Ball trick. ["I was really quite shocked they used that in a throwaway line on a show sponsored by the Family Friendly Forum. -- Wing Chun] The phone rings. It's Emily. She's talked to her friend Miles, who is president at a bank. He's a friend. He's willing to see Lorelai and talk to her about her problem on Thursday at 3:15. Lorelai says she isn't going to go to the meeting. Emily asks whether Lorelai got a loan. Lorelai says she got a lead. Emily tells her to go the meeting. Lorelai says she won't. Emily says she made the appointment. Lorelai hangs up on her. She calls back the same loan officer from earlier. They tell her that he's in France. Wah wah wah waaaaaaaaaaaaah!

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