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Armed with food, Lorelai and Rory carry their trays back to the table as Lorelai argues on the phone about some drawing of the inn. The girls talk Emily through the spread. Emily had no idea so many foods came on sticks. Rory says some of them are technically kabobs. I've never seen someone order six different drinks before to share with three people, but these girls did. Emily tries an Orange Julius. Mmm, Orange Julius. I haven't had one since I was six. They didn't have them in many of the states I lived after that. I wonder if they're still good. Emily likes it. Rory leaves for napkins and pepper. Lorelai talks Emily through some of the food. Emily asks how loud she was back there. Lorelai says she was heard. Emily notes that if she'd seen someone act that way, she would have called Security. Emily compliments Lorelai on the way she handled her phone call earlier, being forceful. Lorelai says she learned from the best. "From whom?" Emily asks. "From the lady eating her hamburger with a knife and fork, that's whom," says Lorelai. Emily says she orders around servants and salespeople: "That's different. I've never done anything." She says that Richard's right: all she does is buy things she doesn't need. She's never done anything. Lorelai gently reminds Emily that she has friends and a family who love her, and a house and a whole life. She could get a dog. Emily wishes Richard would shave that mustache. Lorelai tells Emily she needs to make Richard talk to her, no matter how distracted he seems, because she needs to talk to him: "And make it a real talk." No mention of Moby. "Really clear the air." Rory comes back and asks what she missed. "I was just admiring your mother's life," says Emily. "Oh, I do that daily," says Rory. Lorelai looks like her princess crown finally fits like she wanted it to.

Luke sees Kirk frantically putting up posters on lampposts. Luke is apparently headed to a strip club, so he stops at an arcade first to get twenty singles. We find CuteDean playing a game, breathless. The arcade guy (I never remember his character's name) busts in to tell Luke that CuteDean has the record on almost every single game in the building. CuteDean says that Lindsay and her mom like him out of the way when they're cleaning up. He sneaks out, and they never notice. CuteDean says that married life is great. Lindsay's great. Lindsay's parents are there all the time doing stuff: "They're just the most unselfish people I know." They small talk about Lindsay's dad until CuteDean is distracted -- he sees Rory outside the window. Luke lets CuteDean off the hook when he sees what's making CuteDean stammer. CuteDean goes back to his game.

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