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As Lane unpacks, she realizes they don't have a single thing for the kitchen. They do, however, have three stereos, as mfTL points out as a reason for manhandling Brian's stereo. MfTL then chides Brian that his Futurama action figures taking up the precious shelf space. As an employee of a rabid Groening fan, I must abstain from any jokes concerning this pop-culture reference. ["Good move." -- Wing Chun] Lane is freaking out because her new place has no forks, no curtains, and no refrigerator. I, too, was baffled by that when I first moved to Los Angeles. Why wouldn't a place you rent have a refrigerator? I really don't get it still. Brian plugs in his night light. mfTL says that there's no way the Sex Pistols had a night light when they roomed together. They did; it was the end of their lit cigarettes. Lane doesn't have a towel. mfTL is upset that he'll be sharing bunk beds. Brian thinks that bunk beds are cool: "The bottom one is like a fort!" Lane says that they should start a list of things they need. mfTL and Brian argue over Futurama figures until Lane points out the empty shelf they could use. The boys tell Lane they set that shelf aside for her CDs, because those need a place to go. Lane is so touched by having a place for her things that are allowed to be on display that she gushes that this is totally going to work. Brian gets the line "Jeez! You smeared my glasses!" I do believe they can pull back on the geek for Brian. We get it. The guys ask her not to freak out when she sees her shelf in the bathroom.

Mall. Emily goes through a mall like a doctor on rounds, letting salespeople describe their newest items, buying purchases like ordering a CT and a chem scan. (I just totally did that from memory. I have no idea what I'm talking about.) Emily orders a China set without seeing it. She orders some weird little red balls. As she stops to order all of the suits ever made for Richard, Lorelai bumps into her. Lorelai tells her mother that her brake lights are out. Emily orders thousands of dollars of merchandise on the Gilmore account in a matter of seconds. Lorelai and Rory are amazed. Emily orders things for Richard's mustache, including the most expensive mustache comb they can find. Emily tells Lorelai that Richard doesn't know what he wants, so she chooses for him. She finds a globe and tells a salesman she wants it. The salesman tells her it's not for sale. Emily says that everything is for sale. The salesman leaves to take care of it. Lorelai says that Richard already has a globe. Emily says that Rory can have it, then. Rory doesn't want it, since it's missing a few countries: "And California."

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