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All of Lane's things somehow fit in one box, or we've cut to the very last box Lane's taking out of her room. Christine's still begging answers until they get to the bottom of the stairs, whereupon she resumes Good Daughter composure. Lane says she left the inventory list in her room: "I guess I'll be going." "Yes," says MamaLane. I wonder if this is exactly what MamaLane wants. As far as we can tell, there's no PapaLane, even though she hinted that she had two parents in the first season. But I wonder if now they're going to spin it that MamaLane's tough love was always the plan to get Lane as independent as MamaLane is, with her own business and her own rules. But until then, it's "Step away from Lane, Christine," as June warns. Lane stares at her mother, who must look down and away to avoid showing emotion. The strummy-strummy gives it away. I read The Joy Luck Club. I know how these things work.

Rory and Lorelai continue to window-shop, this time much more bummed out. Eventually, they drop it and admit that it sucks. Window-shopping is never fun, and all it does is make you realize all of the things you can't afford. Lorelai compares window-shopping to going to the museum except you're interested in what you're looking at and everyone can buy something but you. They then judge all of the happy-go-lucky shoppers, walking around with their boastful bags of booty. Lorelai realizes she may never have seen two actresses window-shopping in an old movie, ever. The girls decide to try going into a store instead of staying behind the glass. They go in. Seconds later they come back out: "Worse. Much worse." They decide to cut their losses and go somewhere else.

Headed back down the escalator to grab more pretzels, Lorelai spots Emily on the flight up. She hides her forehead with one hand and tells Rory to do the same. She says it's Emily, but Rory doesn't know who that is. Lorelai spends time describing Emily the Strange, and tells Rory to hide; it doesn't work. Emily tells Lorelai and Rory to meet her upstairs. I said it in the recaplet, but I'll say it again: Like Emily would shop in a mall.

Lorelai and Rory spend the commercials on the flight up and meet Emily at the top. Emily asks what they're doing there, and the girls spend some time stammering out a combination of lies and nonsense sounds until Lorelai confesses that they're playing hooky. Emily asks where their bags are, and Lorelai tells her they were window-shopping. Emily doesn't see the fun in that; Rory agrees. Emily tells the girls to follow her. Lorelai says they were just leaving. Emily says they're not leaving. Rory says that Emily is very aggressive today. Lorelai thinks the passive side of Emily must be playing hooky. They follow Emily through the mall.

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