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Mall? To be honest, this establishing shot looks like the exterior of the high school where I took my SATs. But we're quickly inside the mall, where Lorelai and Rory are flirting with the free pretzel sample guy. As they ride the escalator up they decide to walk arm-in-arm like the window-shopping ladies do in movies.

Here's the thing about window-shopping: it sucks. It's the most torturous thing ever. It's the only time that the mall has everything you've ever wanted. You have a hundred bucks and you can't find one thing that fits you right. You're broke: you're suddenly thinner than ever and all things are on clearance. Lorelai finds something she loves, and Rory tells her to make a mental note to come back and buy it when she's got some cash. Rory leaves before Lorelai's ready, and there's this weird trip they do where Lorelai laughs and Rory does this huge physical take that's unnecessary and then Lorelai declares it one of the risks of linked-arm walking and then the scene is over. They never go on location, so I guess a few awkward transitions are in order.

Lane knocks on her mother's door. MamaLane answers. She lets Lane come inside. Lane's aunt June is there, and she brought Lane's subdued cousin Christine to help her move. MamaLane tells Lane to say hello to Christine. Lane does. Christine says hello back. Everybody looks miserable. MamaLane says that she and June will remain downstairs while Lane moves. She tells Lane that she can use whatever boxes she needs, plus bubble wrap and tape, but that she must mark it in the inventory. Lane thanks her mother. June orders: "Go with Lane, Christine." Christine, head down, follows Lane out of the kitchen. MamaLane sits down and stares at June, waiting for someone to say "cut."

The second Lane's bedroom door closes, Christine girlifies, and can't stop babbling about how cool it is that Lane's getting her own place, with her own life, and her own CDs, and got to drop out of school, and how she's this amazing trailblazer in the Kim family, doing all this stuff girls don't get to do. She wants to talk White Stripes, Led Zeppelin, and Joy Division. Eventually, Lane tells Christine to shut up. Stee spots his beloved Grandaddy CD in Christine's hand. Lane shouts that she's neither green nor wrinkly, so she's no Yoda, and she's only there to get her stuff and split. She tells Christine to start assembling boxes. She then corrects Christine on her Led Zeppelin knowledge and goes back to packing.

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