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Yale. Paris is upset that Rory's walking around the dorm room so carefree when she has a cold and is probably still coated in germs. When I watched this episode for the first time, I had a fever of 102, and in my near-delirium and misery, I kind of thought Paris was talking to me. It was scary. Rory says she's not contagious anymore. Paris still coats the doorknob with an aerosol spray. Rory points out that it's deodorant. Cue the classic Daniel Palladino vaudevillian punchline: "Then what the hell did I spray under my arms?" Soon, you too will be able to spot one of these scripts in eight minutes flat. Poor Paris is using Rory's old iMac, I think. From Season 1. Poor Paris. Rory gets a cell-phone call from Lane, who is standing in her new, completely empty apartment. Hey, Lane. Who pays your cell-phone bill these days? Rory asks how Lane can afford the apartment. Lane says she's sharing with mfTL and Brian, and that it's totally innocent. She has her own room, and they'll sleep in the living room. She moves her stuff in the next day, as long as MamaLane hasn't sold all of her things. Lane celebrates the arrival of her first piece of mail (her mailbox is apparently in the center of her empty living room): a Chinese menu. Rory suggests that Lane frame it. Rory hangs up to find Paris holding a lighter under their doorknob. "Fire kills germs," she explains. She holds her sweater over her face like Nosferatu and continues, "And I'm sleeping with one of the other girls tonight." Rory declares that to be "very The L Word." I want Paris's clothes from that scene. I can totally pull off the sexy spinster look.

Luke's again. Lorelai is done doing her email, and thanks Luke for putting up with her. Luke says he only fell once. Lorelai says it was graceful. Luke looks around, and then hands Lorelai something. Lorelai plays Carnac with it. (I'm guessing two-thirds of you have no idea who the hell that is.) Luke tells her to hide it and look at it later. But Lorelai doesn't like to wait for anything, so she opens it up, sits down, and declares, not quietly, that Luke has just handed her a check for thirty thousand dollars. She goes right to the guilt, saying she never asked him for it correctly, and that she doesn't feel right taking it. Luke wants her to have it. Lorelai doesn't want to take it until they figure out how she's going to pay him back, when, and with what interest. They haggle on a napkin until they're both satisfied. Lorelai uses the napkin to ask how Nicole feels about all of this, since it's probably partly her money as well. Luke tells Lorelai not to worry about Nicole, and that Lorelai's not going to see her. Lorelai writes a thank-you on the napkin. I'm guessing it's more for the Nicole part than the money part. Lorelai does her famous pout, and leaves.

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