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Luke enters his diner to find Rory and Lorelai, who look like they just robbed Paris Hilton. The girls are taking inventory, and say that they should return it all, but that they won't. Luke -- who just loaned the Gilmores thirty thousand dollars -- sure takes it in stride. Lorelai says that this is the world of the rich. $700 yoga bag. Lorelai gives us a shout-out, asking what the "Tubey" bag is for. "Life Savers" is the response. The girls fight over a tote bag that turns out to be the free gift with purchase. Lorelai tells Luke that this is his window into the world of worthless rich-people stuff, and how people of means will buy whatever they see regardless of others. Luke scolds Lorelai for pouring her own coffee. She apologizes as she sips.

Outside we see Kirk holding a dog, putting another sign on a lamp post. He looks frantic. He enters the diner. He holds up a dog and asks, "Does anyone know who this is?" Luke says it's Snuggles. Kirk says it's not; it's the dog who looks like Snuggles. Nobody picked this dog up, and he has no tag. Lorelai teases Luke for knowing Snuggles by name. Kirk yells that he doesn't have time for chit chat. Nobody knows the dog. Kirk says that he was using random sounds to see if the dog would respond in order to determine the dog's name: "Pacu! Nokki! Nini! Beeblow!" My sister and I used to do that very same thing when we were kids and found a dog. Kirk leaves, babbling nonsense. Rory says that she has to get back to Yale. The girls agree that they had a great time today. Lorelai says this should be a regular part of their schedule. They aim for next Tuesday, but Rory can't. Lorelai can't on Wednesday. Thursday doesn't exist in Stars Hollow. Friday belongs to Emily. Rory wishes they didn't have to schedule time together like a married couple having date night. It's looking like it's going to be two weeks at least before they see each other again, so Lorelai gives up and serves them pie on napkins. Rory asks if they should worry about Emily. Lorelai says she'll be okay, and not to worry. "They're a team. They'll be okay." Rory says she likes their team. Luke walks over and puts their pie on plates and gives them silverware. To thank him, Lorelai presents the rose from her lapel. Luke takes it and sniffs it as he walks away.

Emily's. Dinner table. Wide shot of Emily and Richard eating dinner, the sound of the grandfather clock overpowering the room. Richard asks whether Emily dealt with that business with the gardeners. Emily says she hasn't yet. They eat. Richard says that the vines are out of control. Emily says she'll see to it. Richard says it'd be nice to have that fixed before he gets back. Emily asks where he's going. Richard's got a business meeting in Manhattan with Digger, and will stay overnight in the city. He asks if that's all right with Emily. "That's fine," she says. She asks him what he thinks of the Venetian apples. "Oh," says Richard. "I've always liked those." Emily stares at her husband and wonders who this man is sitting across from her and why she relies on his approval to complete her day. Richard and Emily continue their meal in silence as we fade to black.

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