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MamaLane is pouring tea as Lane asks if she needs any help. MamaLane says she doesn't. Lane goes to get out the soy scones and tofutter. As she sets the table, Lane repeats that she's really sorry about the other night. She says she did everything wrong and let MamaLane down. She doesn't know how to fix it, but she's going to try her hardest: "I am so, so sorry." She goes upstairs to iron her dress for church, thinking about what she's done. But there's the doorbell. MamaLane answers. It's Dave, looking quite disheveled, still in his suit. He says he stayed up all night and read the entire Bible cover to cover, but he doesn't know what her Bible quote means. He wants to know if it's a yes or a no. He says he can't feel his right elbow anymore, and doesn't know why. "Please?" he whines. "Just tell me? I can't take it anymore." MamaLane says it's not from the Bible. It's Shakespeare. Henry VI. "I like to goof off now and then, too, you know," she says. Apparently, Dave didn't check the internet. MamaLane says it's very difficult to read the Bible in one night: "I, myself, have only done it three times. You need great determination and excellent light. I'm very impressed. All right. You can go to the prom but you cannot get married." Dave says that sounds fair to him. "And me!" Lane shouts from the stairs. MamaLane turns around. Lane says she's still on her way up to think about what she did. MamaLane says that Lane is grounded until the prom, and for two months afterward. Dave is allowed to call Lane on the phone every other day and talk for ten minutes. Dave thanks her. MamaLane walks away. Lane and Dave share a surprised, overjoyed look until MamaLane shouts. Lane runs upstairs, leaving Dave to see himself out. This is why Lane probably should have picked a different college. Where's Dave going to college? By the time Lane gets out of being grounded, he'll be all packed and ready to leave.

The Town Square walk. Lorelai is heckling, complaining that they're walking just as slowly as Fran did. This entire scene is so inappropriate that I'm upset to have to watch it again. It's not funny, and it's really long. Fran has now about twelve pallbearers. Lorelai moves Sookie to the front of the line, beside the lawyer. Lorelai says that it was a nice service. Sookie says that the walk around the square is a nice idea. Lorelai says that she might steal it when she dies, but ask to be walked around the Benefit counter. Sookie stops Lorelai from talking. Lorelai introduces herself (and we learn that Sookie kept her last name). She asks what's going to happen with the Dragonfly. "BECAUSE WE WANT IT!" Sookie screams. Lorelai says that they work at the Independence Inn right now. The lawyer asks if that's the place that burned down. Lorelai says it wasn't their fault; she says the fire was caused by a wiring problem, and that it could have happened to anyone. And the Inn didn't burn down, actually. The lawyer asks if they can discuss it later, since the casket is heavy. Lorelai says she'll help, but she makes Sookie carry the casket. Pregnant Sookie. Lorelai asks whether Fran left the Dragonfly to anyone. The lawyer says he hasn't talked in depth to the family, but she didn't leave it to anyone, so her family will probably sell it. Lorelai says that they'd love to buy the Dragonfly and keep it as an inn dedicated to Fran. Sookie promises not to burn it down. The lawyer takes the casket back. Lorelai asks if he agrees to sell them the inn. Kirk tells Lorelai that she's blocking Fran's view, since Lorelai's standing in front of the casket, trying to buy Fran out from under her. The lawyer tells Lorelai to call him on Monday: "As far as I'm concerned, if the check clears, it's all yours." Oh, well, thanks friend of Fran. Shouldn't you check with a family member before you sell off her belongings? Hey, maybe Sookie and Lorelai would like to buy the casket before you lower that into the ground. Sookie and Lorelai then start shrieking and jumping, celebrating right next to the line of mourners. Ladies and gentlemen: a new low.

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