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So Candace Bergen has been reduced to only playing roles where she's a mom everyone hates showing up late in the film for the wedding? Just checking.

I guess they planned Fran's funeral quickly, because now it's Sunday morning, and Lorelai and Rory are walking to the funeral. Rory has chosen a red coat on this somber day. Lorelai tells Rory that Fran was the first person she met in Stars Hollow. She's the woman who pointed Lorelai to the Inn. Rory isn't really listening to Lorelai carry on and on about how much Fran loved to give baby Rory cookies. Wouldn't Rory have been a newborn on the day they moved to Stars Hollow? Anyway, Rory's looking over at Luke's diner, watching Jess work behind the counter. Rory says she'll meet Lorelai at the church. Lorelai doesn't really want Rory to leave her for a second. Rory lies that she's stopping over at Doose's. Lorelai says she'll come, too. Luckily, Miss Patty is crying on a bench. Now that Fran has died, Miss Patty says they're all going to start dying now. Lorelai says she'll help Miss Patty to the funeral. Rory leaves to deal with her own life, since both Gilmores can't be thinking of others at the same time, or they might not be as important as they think they are. Miss Patty says that, at times like these, you realize what is truly important in your life. "I'm so glad I had all that sex!" she blubbers.

Ah, the strummy-strummy-la-la scene. Rory walks up to the diner and watches Jess. Nobody else is in the diner, since everybody's at the funeral. Rory changes her mind and walks away. She stops. Luke comes down in his suit. He sees Rory through the window. She walks back to the door. She stops. Luke looks at Jess, who doesn't see Rory. He looks back at Rory, who has decided again not to enter the diner. Rory shakes her head and leaves. Jess looks up and sees Rory. He bolts from behind the counter, but stops when he reaches the door. He walks back to the cash register. Luke squints in confusion. Jess touches his receipts for a second, and then bolts out the door again. He runs down the street and off-camera. Seconds later, he walks back and enters the diner again. He slams the door and heads to his room. "What are you lookin' at?" he mumbles to Luke as he passes.

Rory and her red coat run up the church steps. Taylor is at the door passing out programs, announcing that today's candy-store grand opening has been postponed. Rory finds Lorelai and Sookie. She sits and sees Lane. She mouths, "How's it going?" Lane raises both of her arms in resignation. Luke enters. Taylor does not tell him that the grand opening has been postponed. The priest takes the podium and welcomes everybody. He says that they'd like to start by having Fran's close friend share a few words. She talks about Fran opening the bakery in 1955, and how they became best friends and still are. Lorelai and Sookie begin chatting during the funeral, asking if they think they'll still be friends when they're dead. They decide to be. The woman says that they'll keep the bakery open, and that it will be run by people who have Fran's heart in their hearts. Everybody applauds. Miss Patty is still crying. As the woman starts talking about the Dragonfly Inn, the microphone starts popping. Suddenly, you can't hear what she's saying, so Sookie and Lorelai get frantic, loudly asking each other if they can hear what the woman is saying about the inn. Kirk shushes them. Sookie shouts any word she can pick up. "Ortant and ing." "World war." Lorelai and Sookie say that the woman is pointing at a man in a suit in the front row until Rory impatiently scolds them by saying that people are turning around and staring. The woman leaves the podium. "Did she say who gets the inn?" Sookie asks. I bet Sookie's also one of those people who talks all through the movie, shouting, "Why did he do that?" or "Is that a bad guy?" Lorelai shrieks that she doesn't know, because how the hell could she.

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