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Lorelai and Sookie are walking through Stars Hollow as Lorelai complains that she never should have called Emily. Lorelai pouts that her parents are having Rory over that night for a movie night. Sookie says that movies are Lorelai's thing. I guess only Lorelai can see movies with Rory. And what time is Rory going over there? It's Saturday, after all. And why was everyone in church on Saturday? Lorelai asks if they'll have her over for "Dance Around in Your Underwear to the Monkees Greatest Hits Night" next. Sookie says she wouldn't put it past the Gilmores to steal that, too. Oh, really? Another line from nowhere.

Sookie and Lorelai walk over to Fran's bakery to see "what's going on." It's a sign on the door that clearly says that the bakery is closing, due to Fran's passing. Now, we can assume that Lorelai and Sookie knew that Fran died before this moment, right? Because if they were such great friends and Fran was such an institution in Stars Hollow, then perhaps people would have been a bit more solemn this morning. But Sookie and Lorelai act like they just learned it now from this piece of paper. "Poor thing!" says Lorelai. "I don't believe it," says Sookie. They agree that she was a great lady who had a good, long life. Before the girls finish saying they're going to miss Fran, they start thinking about the broken-down Dragonfly, the inn Fran owns. Lorelai reminds us that Fran wanted to keep it as long as she was alive, but she's not anymore. Sookie worries that she and Lorelai wanted the property so much that they killed Fran through the power of their minds. Lorelai says that they only wished for the property. Sookie says it could be karma. Lorelai says that they loved Fran, and that the inn has nothing to do with her dying, sorta. Sookie beams that Fran has no heirs, but Lorelai says some gold-toothed long-lost cousin might come out of the woodwork to seize the Dragonfly, turning it into a beauty salon or law offices. "Not our Dragonfly!" Sookie whines. Lorelai says if they're meant to have the inn, then they'll have it: "Let's focus on Fran and how much we loved her. And not think about the inn at all." But that doesn't work, because Sookie's already planning out her new kitchen. Maybe you might want to find out how much it'll cost to have a baby before you go and buy an inn, Sook. Just sayin'. Or maybe you're not really having a baby at all, since you haven't spoken about it since the stick turned blue. The ladies decide to buy lots of flowers so they won't go to a hell that's quite as hot as the one they're destined for.

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