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Lorelai's living room. Lorelai has a problem: all of her skirts are either too long or too short for this season's acceptable length, leaving her with two options -- alter or shop. In other news, Lorelai recently got a haircut, her dentist said she has no cavities, and she's thinking about reading a book someday. Welcome to Planet Lorelai, where decisions are always riveting. So Rory's on her way to Chilton for a late-night Franklin session. This is the last issue, so Paris is triple-checking everything: "Can you say crazy, anal micromanager?" Lorelai: "Not five times fast." Rory says she forgot her notes. Lorelai says they're in her bedroom. Yeah, I don't know why we have to know that, either.

Lorelai thinks for a second, and then picks up the phone. She calls Emily. Emily is in her garden, the place they film her whenever they aren't really calling Kelly Bishop to the set. I imagine it's actually Kelly Bishop's back yard. Lorelai asks Emily how she's doing. Emily is rather curt with Lorelai, since nobody has apologized or discussed the issue, and Lorelai thinks that they'll just ignore it and talk like nothing has happened. Emily asks to speak with Rory. Lorelai says that Emily can't talk to Rory because Lorelai is the one who called her. If Emily had called, then she could speak to Rory, but since Emily didn't call, she has to talk to Lorelai. Emily asks why Lorelai is calling. Lorelai says she just wanted to talk, since they hadn't seen each other in a while. "Your choice," Emily says. "No, your choice," Lorelai whines. Emily says that Lorelai called off Friday-night dinners. Lorelai says she only called off the obligation. And then stopped going to them. That's all. She asks if they can go back to talking the way they used to. Emily reminds her that before the Friday-night dinners, Emily would have to call Lorelai and leave a message that she had something important to tell her. Lorelai would call back, they'd make small talk about the weather, or talk about the DAR, and then Lorelai would put Rory on the phone. Emily says that the weather's fine, the DAR is having a luncheon next week, and she's not allowed to talk to Rory. Lorelai tells her to have a nice day. They hang up. The phone rings. Lorelai shouts that it's for Rory.

Chilton. Rory walks in apologizing for being late. Paris is freaking out, saying that the issue is a disaster. Rory says she's sure it's not that bad. "And that's why you won't need to Botox your frown lines on your nineteenth birthday," Paris shoots back. These jokes aren't really hitting, are they? Something's wrong. It's like they have a punchline, but the words leading up to it don't support the joke. Paris starts screaming at someone to stop using a certain picture. Rory walks over to Louisa and Fraulein who, at first glance, appear to be working on a layout. Upon further inspection, we see that they are trying to figure out the logistics of their prom dates and limos. They have different pictures of different boys and cars, and they're trying to color-coordinate everything. Rory says she'll get those "pesky" Franklin pages out of their way. Paris walks over and asks what she's doing. Rory says she's working on the front page. Paris asks what the girls are doing. Rory: "Staying true to who they are." Louisa says that prom is only once, and then it's photographed and there forever. Fraulein says they left a space for Paris. That's nice, isn't it? Those girls really love Paris, even though they don't understand her. They need to know what Jamie looks like and what kind of colors he and Paris will be wearing. Paris is positively beaming (for Paris) as she explains that she doesn't need to go with them. She's going with Jamie all by herself. Jamie's slumming it at the high-school prom; he must be the joke of Princeton. They've got a limo. They're going in and taking pictures and, depending on the level of lameness, will dance. Then he's taking Paris to dinner and a helicopter ride out to Martha's Vineyard to join his parents for the weekend. Fraulein asks what color the helicopter is. Paris doesn't dignify the question with an answer. She asks Rory what her Prom plans are. Rory says that Stars Hollow is more casual. "Less Cinderella, more Footloose." Except that Footloose wasn't casual at all. And it was full of nervous people not having fun until Kevin Bacon and Chris Penn got into a fist fight and then forced the other people inside to dance. Well, maybe it's exactly like Stars Hollow, then. Rory's Lori Singer, and...I'm tired of trying to make the joke work. "It's still a prom," Paris says. Rory agrees. Just last week it was the one thing Rory wanted in life and now she's totally belittling it. Paris really smiles here and says she can't wait for prom. Rory looks bummed out.

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