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Morning. Lorelai has made coffee and breakfast for Rory, assuming that Rory wouldn't want to go over to Luke's. But it turns out that Lorelai just went by Luke's and picked up breakfast. Rory's grateful anyway, since she likes the pancakes. Rory points out Dean's engagement picture in the paper. Wow, Stars Hollow's newspaper comes out fast. And did Lindsay get her picture taken with Dean right after the funeral? Lorelai says that Dean and Lindsay are a good-looking couple. Rory says she doesn't understand why they have to get married. Lorelai says that maybe they have to do it before he grows so tall Lindsay can't talk to him anymore. Rory says she wants Dean to be happy. "I know," Lorelai says. "You're good in that department." Except Rory just made him miserable and he never wants to talk to her again. I guess she's not stressing over that too much, since nobody can resist a Gilmore. Ask Max. He filed a restraining order against himself. Rory and Lorelai decide to think good thoughts and hope that Dean's marriage turns out perfect. Thanks, ladies. You're so very. Rory shows Lorelai the picture of Kirk pinned by the casket; his pants were split, too. Lorelai hopes that Kirk doesn't ever take too close a look at his life. I just realized that Amy Sherman-Palladino's name was on this script as a co-writer. Do you think that means this script was actually worse and she came in and doctored it? Rory rips Kirk's picture out of the paper, to put on the fridge.

Rory's bus. Jess is sitting in The Graduate seat. Rory joins him back there. He says he thought she took an earlier bus. She says her first class was cancelled today. He asks what's been going on. Rory: "Nothing much. Fran died." Oh, I wish that could have been my recap. Just those four words. Jess and Rory sit quietly for a while. "I can't go to the prom," Jess says. "Couldn't get tickets." Rory says, "Oh." Jess apologizes. The bus stops. Rory says it's her stop. "Okay," Jess says. "So," Rory says. "You'll call me?" Y'all don't know! Y'all don't know! He love her! He do! Jess says, "Yeah. I'll call you." Rory gets up and leaves, giving one last look back at him. Jess immediately grabs a gigantic duffel bag that's sitting beside him that Rory somehow didn't notice. He takes a book out of it and starts reading. Don't you think Luke would have called Lorelai during all of this? And man does Jess hate Rory, if he didn't even say goodbye to her before he leaves for California. What a little shit. Jess closes the book. "[sighs]," says my closed captioning. Me too, closed captioning. Me too.

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