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Rory is trying to talk about how she and Jess have kind of broken up, but Lorelai just wants her to get to the part where she talks about being in the bedroom. Rory says she doesn't understand Jess -- his mood swings, and how he doesn't tell her anything. She says she's tired of fighting. She doesn't like the way she feels or what she does. She says she doesn't want to sit around wondering: "I hate this! I really, really..." Lorelai says she only wants to know about the bedroom. Rory says they were kissing in the bedroom and it seemed like he wanted to, but she said no and then he got "all weird" like he was mad at her. Lorelai says that if Jess was mad at her for not having sex with him, then he's "a jerk." Rory says she knows that, but that she doesn't even know if that's why he was mad at her. Yeah, there's probably another reason, Rory, because you fuck shit up all the time. Rory says she doesn't know anything. He'll just disappear and then show up at a hockey game with Distiller tickets. Lorelai waves to the car outside and then says she's confused, so Rory confesses that Lorelai doesn't know about the Distillers because she lied to her that night: "I didn't want to be that girl and you don't want me to be that girl but after the hockey game, I was that girl." She says she doesn't want to be that girl who lets her boyfriend treat her like dirt and then lies to her mother about it. Lorelai tells Rory to take a breath. She waves the car on. Rory says that something's going on with Jess and has been for a while. Lorelai says that Rory can't make him talk, and that it might be hard for him to talk. She then shouts out the window that they're never leaving the space; they're moving in and living in that space forever, so that car had better just drive along: "So find another friggin' spot!" And then three seconds later, she's pulling out of the space, because Rory has decided that she doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Do you think it's the fact that Rory doesn't have Dean to save her anymore, to fall back on, that she doesn't want to be with Jess anymore? It's no fun to date a shithead if nobody's around to hear you complain.

Luke's apartment. Luke asks Jess if he's hungry and wants eggs. Jess -- never one for small talk -- says he knows Luke ran into his father. Luke says he did. Jess asks if he was going to tell him. Luke says he doesn't like Jess's father very much. Jess: "So because you don't like him that means I can't know he's here." Luke: "You know he's here." Jess: "No thanks to you!" Luke says that Jess shouldn't have found out about Neverwood from Luke anyway. Jess asks why Luke thinks he doesn't owe it to Jess to tell him that his father was there. Luke says with everything going on, he hoped Neverwood would just walk away. He complains that Neverwood did the wrong thing once again. Jess screams, "Who the hell are you to decide what the right thing is?" Luke shouts that he's the one saving Jess's ass all over Stars Hollow, writing checks to Kyle's father so he won't press charges: "You don't take everything seriously! That's why you're doing so crappy in school." He says he knows Jess is smart enough and that he reads more than anybody, so there's no reason Jess should be barely graduating. "I'm not," Jess says. "I'm not graduating." They then shout "Yes, you are" and "No, I'm not" back and forth for a while. Luke says that they had an agreement that Jess was going to live with Luke only if Jess went to school and graduated. Jess takes a few steps toward Luke, saying he didn't and he's not. Luke asks what's wrong with him. Jess says it's over and done. Luke asks what his life is now: "Wal-Mart full-time? That's your future?" Jess says it's no better than working at a diner. Luke screams that he owns this diner, and that he built it and made it what it is. He has no boss to impress for a couple hundred bucks and a plaque: "I'm always Employee of the Month. I'm Employee of the Year. Of the Century! Of the Universe!" I would like to point out right here that I cannot get a job in television. I have three specs, I'm about to have my second agency represent me, I've been trying for two years. Nothing. I would never have written that last line. And I promise if I ever do get a job, I'll never do anything to hurt you like this episode. Luke tells Jess he'd be so lucky to have a job like his. He tells Jess that he can live there one more year if he quits his job and takes twelfth grade over again. Jess screams that he's not going back to school. Luke says that Jess will now have to leave. He walks away. In the one-bedroom apartment. He basically stepped one foot away and sat down.

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