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We open the morning after the party. Marshall and Kyle are cleaning up the front lawn, arguing over the exact location of a Tootsie Roll wrapper. For some reason, they're the only two kids who have to clean up. Princess Rory has just left, having retrieved Lane's vomit-covered backpack from deep inside the house. Maybe Lane should have followed Lorelai's "No ID, no cash -- no problem!" method of party-going. But I guess Lane had to change clothes and the backpack is important for all the lying she has to do every day. Lorelai thinks the arguing boys are hilarious. It is here we can see that the front gate of the fence is broken. Are we supposed to believe that Jess and Dean did that, when we saw every impossible second of their fight and they went nowhere near the front gate before the cops showed up? Lorelai is so proud of Rory for attending her first cop-raided party. Lorelai wishes she could have been there. Actually, I'm surprised the party wasn't at Lorelai's house. Rory lies, glossing over the fact that Jess and Dean were the ones who had the fight. Rory is that stereotypical television liar -- all shifty-eyed, with her hands jamming into her back pockets as she stammers and murmurs.

Luke shows up, furious about receiving a phone call from Kyle's parents ten minutes before he was supposed to get up. (Isn't that 4:45 in the morning? Kyle's parents -- they must have been pissed.) Luke has heard about the party, and knows that Jess was involved in the fight. Kyle's parents woke Luke up to discuss the damages. Luke storms off to find out about the Hummels, and Lorelai asks Rory to get back to the recap. Shout-out. Rory admits that Jess and Dean were the ones fighting. "Over you," Lorelai says. "I was a contributing factor," Rory admits. "So not only did you go to a cop-raided party, but you started the raid?" Lorelai asks. "Yes," Rory shrugs. Lorelai points out all of the broken and littered things on the lawn that are there because of Rory. "What is your point?" Rory asks. Lorelai gets puppy-dog eyes and sings, "Did you ever know that you're my hero?" Rory walks past Lorelai to get to Lane's. Lorelai follows, continuing her song until we go to the opening credits.

Independence Inn. The B&B is in full effect. A couple clad in their robes compliment the muffins, saying they are "brilliant." Sookie thanks them. A bad under-five overacts the simple line "Listen, Sookie. Dennis and I and a bunch of us others wondered if you offered cooking classes." Sookie -- all about the B&Bs now, apparently -- says that if other B&Bs offer cooking classes, then the Inn does, too. She immediately plans the syllabus of spreads and jams until Lorelai gently reminds Sookie that they don't have a kitchen. Sookie immediately moves the class to her house. "I'm sorry, there, Jackson. I-must-make-jam!" Dennis gives a "Cheers," as he walks off with his muffin. Was Dennis supposed to be British? His two lines were "Brilliant" and "Cheers." The man playing Dennis? Totally not British. Lorelai notes that they need to buy robes with thicker material if the guests are going to wear them downstairs: "Seeing the sunlight hit Dennis gave me a whole new respect for Peg." Sookie says that Jackson is up in Rochester helping yada yada yada, so she's available "like an intern" to do something fun tonight. Lorelai has no plans, but Rory's keeping her Friday-night dinners because she's at least slightly polite. Sookie says it must be nice to have the family pressure off her. Lorelai isn't sure. Before, when they didn't see each other or talk, it was because they never saw each other or talked. But now that she's just not going over there because she doesn't have to, she feels guilty for not going over there, as if she's only not going over there because she doesn't have to. It seems there's an easy solution for Lorelai, which is to show up with Rory and keep going to Friday-night dinners unless she has something better to do on a Friday night (something that doesn't rhyme with "Botch MeSee.") Sookie asks what she's going to do. "I'm gonna hope it passes." Sookie: "Sounds healthy."

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