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Balls. But Not In That Funny Way.

Emily and Lorelai have returned from shopping. Who knows what day it is, really? Emily has purchased twelve pairs of pantyhose, so that Rory is prepared for the entire ball. It is a busy ball, after all, and Rory could get a run. Lorelai says that they bought enough pantyhose to put Rory through several classy functions, from graduations to marriages to anniversaries, hostess gigs, and jury duty. "You make me tired," Emily says. Emily turns to see Richard, and remarks that she didn't know he was home. "Yes, well, we learn something every day," he says. Heh. Emily asks what he's doing at home, and Richard barks that he doesn't have to give Emily an itinerary of his day, and he isn't accountable to her for all of his time. Emily reminds Richard to pick up his tux after work tomorrow. He says he won't have time. Emily wants him to try on some cufflinks she bought, but Richard is angry that he's been wrangled into attending a function just because Emily put Rory in it, and he doesn't want to try anything on. He leaves the room and Emily slams the cufflinks into a bag. Lorelai asks whether anything is wrong, and Emily says that everything is fine. Emily says that Richard is busy and not upset. Lorelai says it was her mistake, and Emily leaves to pick up Richard's tux.

Rory and CuteDean are getting dance lessons at Miss Patty's. They aren't doing very well. Miss Patty reminds them to spot so they don't get dizzy. She tells them that she normally finds a "lonely seaman," and I giggle through the rest of her bit about spotting and spinning because "seaman" is funny. "Lonely seaman" is even funnier. Miss Patty spins and says, "Hello, sailor" until CuteDean is pretty much ready to break up with Rory and move back to Chicago. Rory tells him he doesn't have to say the "hello, sailor" part. CuteDean tells Rory she's going to be watching Battlebots for the rest of her life. They go back to attempting dance steps until Lorelai and Christopher walk into the studio. Lorelai travels quickly, doesn't she? What day is it? What time? Who cares. Christopher and Lorelai have brought coffee for everyone. Lorelai says that they're improving since they're actually facing each other now. Miss Patty lets them take a break, but warns them not to sit down so their muscles don't get cold. Lorelai asks how it's going. Rory says she's not very good at this. CuteDean says it's a shame, because she's really holding him back since he's a natural. Lorelai makes a joke that Rory just needs a shiny glove and "a really freaky face." Rory says that at one point Miss Patty was so concerned Rory was going to get hurt that she made Rory sit in a corner and watch. Lorelai points and very deliberately says, "Hey! Nobody puts Baby in the corner." Now, it would have been even better if somehow Emily could have poked her head in at that point to check on Rory's shoes or something, since she was the woman to whom that order was originally given. Christopher says that ballroom dancing is a wonderfully sexist tradition, and that all a woman needs to be able to dance is a strong male lead. "No offense, Dean," he says, and I can't believe CuteDean doesn't at least take some offense to that statement. Christopher pulls Lorelai, and she stumbles. She asks for a do-over. Christopher turns on the music, and it's "The Way You Look Tonight." Lorelai brats, "Do you have a trust fund?" She then flips her head towards Rory and says, "Always make sure." They dance, and it's nice. Warm fuzzies all around. Christopher and Lorelai are wearing matching brown outfits, and I covet Lorelai's skirt. Rory and CuteDean are charmed by their dancing. Miss Patty is, as well. As Christopher and Lorelai finish their dance, CuteDean and Rory applaud. "Okay, I'm adopted," Rory says. Christopher says that she'll get the hang of it. "Listen to your father, Rory," Miss Patty chimes in. "Your adorable, adorable father." Yikes. Run, Christopher! Lorelai says that they should leave before Christopher becomes Miss Patty's next husband. Christopher briefly flirts with Miss Patty before he grabs his coffee from the tray and leaves.

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