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Balls. But Not In That Funny Way.

Lorelai walks into the living room to have this conversation. She asks where Christopher is. He says he's in Boston, but he's in the same apartment he was in when she called him on her cell phone at her bachelorette party. She tells him she's in Helsinki with a girl rock band that's huge with the Nordic set. They banter about both being physically and technologically capable of calling one another, but he says he didn't call because he figured she was busy breaking up her engagement. She says that the engagement is still broken up, and that she's okay and that she doesn't want to talk about it. She announces that Rory's having her coming-out ball. Christopher remarks that he can't believe Lorelai is letting Rory do such a thing. Lorelai says she didn't want Rory to use her method of getting out of it. Christopher asks whether Lorelai told Rory about Barbara Hutton, Doris Duke, and Gloria Vanderbilt. Lorelai says she has and that Rory's ready to "marry Cary Grant, get offed by her crazy butler, and start designing blue jeans as soon as the ball ends." Lorelai says the next part of the conversation will be hard. Christopher asks if all of Lorelai's normal "976" numbers are busy. Do they still even have "976" numbers? Lorelai says she knows that Christopher would rather sit through Endless Love than be a part of this, but it would mean a lot to Rory to have him there. Also, since he's constantly not there for her and he lets her down often, this might be a way to make it up to her, because he certainly owes her. Lorelai moves from guilt to threats without taking a breath and tells Christopher that she'll hunt him down like a half-priced Kate Spade purse if he hurts Rory. Do you think that Lorelai would care about a Kate Spade anything? Christopher says he'll be there. Lorelai asks him to not make the promise if he can't be there. Christopher says he wouldn't miss it, and that it's on his schedule. They joke about whether he's going to be there, and the fact that he said the word "schedule." They hang up.

"Hey, Little Debbie!" Lorelai says as Rory walks back into the living room. She tells Rory that Christopher will attend the ball. Rory's happy. Lorelai says that Christopher will be announcing that Rory Gilmore is officially open for business. Rory asks whether Christopher said "definitely." He did, so Rory's happy that there's a 50/50 chance he'll show. Lorelai says that Christopher sounded pretty confident, so it might be a 60/40 chance he'll show. Fade to commercials.

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