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Balls. But Not In That Funny Way.

It's dark inside Luke's, for some reason. Lorelai finds Rory eating a cheeseburger and yells that she hasn't learned anything tonight. Rory lifts up one pinkie from her cheeseburger. "There you go," Lorelai smiles. Rory says that being a lady is hard. She adds that the fan dance was humiliating, and that she's never going to curtsey again, but that it was nice having Christopher around. She tells Lorelai that Christopher has a new girlfriend. Lorelai says that she knows and that it's unfortunate that Sherri was named after a Journey song. It's a Steve Perry song, and that's a big difference, but we'll move on. Rory says that Christopher seems happy. Lorelai agrees that he does, and they both agree that they're happy for him. Rory says that she feels bad for Emily, since she was so into this evening and she spent the whole time arguing with Richard. Lorelai says that Emily will have more fun at the next one, and that they've signed Rory up for the next six balls. Rory says that's not funny. Luke brings over Lorelai's cheeseburger and comments that she's back from the ball. Why doesn't anyone tell Lorelai how pretty she looks? Lorelai says that she left behind a glass slipper, along with a business card in case the prince is really dumb. Lorelai turns her head and sees someone cleaning the counter wearing a flannel and a backwards baseball cap. It's Jess. He just now came down changed after this whole week's gone by? Slacker. Jess tells Luke he thought this was the uniform. Heh. Luke tells him he can have his little joke and that it doesn't bother him. He's going to just ignore him. Jess starts to clean, and Luke tells him to go up and change. "Whatever you say, Uncle Luke," Jess says, and Luke tells Jess he's not allowed to address Luke at all. Lorelai tells Rory that she's really lucky she has someone she can talk to when things suck, and that it must be lonely to be like Emily who doesn't have anyone like that.

Emily is gardening. Lorelai walks in and says that she had some time before her business class and thought she'd hang. She then has to explain the concept of "hang" to Emily. Emily asks whether Lorelai needs something. Lorelai says that she just wants to sit there and hang, in case Emily wants to talk. Emily keeps gardening. Lorelai says that Emily can talk to her about anything. Emily keeps gardening and Lorelai keeps sitting there watching her garden as we fade to the end of the episode. Are they ever going to bring up the fact that Emily said something incredibly mean at the ball? Don't you imagine that Richard's going to retire and then help fund Lorelai's new inn with Sookie and then Emily will hold all of her fancy-lady parties there? Don't you imagine Michel and Emily will go on to become best friends?

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