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Balls. But Not In That Funny Way.

Libby walks down the stairs without tripping. Rory is announced. Lorelai stands beside Emily and watches Rory walk down the stairs with Christopher and meet CuteDean at the bottom. She curtseys and walks away with Christopher as "Thank Heaven For Little Girls" plays. Lorelai proudly watches as Emily says, "That should have been you up there. Nothing's turning out the way it's supposed to." Ouch. ["It's too bad, because in the promo, when they cut after the first line, I thought Emily might have meant that it should have been Lorelai up there presenting Rory instead of Christopher, since Lorelai had more to do with Rory's being presentable. That would have been nicer." -- Wing Chun] Emily walks away, and Lorelai stands there with her mouth open as the fan dance circles behind her. What's up with that dance? Seriously.

Walking home from somewhere in Stars Hollow on the way to Luke's, Rory informs Christopher that he was considered a "hot dad." She says the girls told her that if Christopher wasn't her real dad, she could steal him away from her mother. Lorelai says she was proud of Rory, Christopher, and CuteDean for making it through almost the entire night with a straight face. Christopher apologizes and says that the fan dance was more than he could take. CuteDean says that he wants to go home and take off the tux instead of hanging out with them more. Whatever. He touches Rory's arm goodbye and leaves. Christopher says that he has to leave for Boston early in the morning, so he's going to go home and sleep. Rory asks whether he has time for fries. Christopher says he'll get up early and have breakfast with her. Why would she want to get up early? On a Sunday, even. Christopher hugs her goodbye. Lorelai tells Rory to go ahead and order, and she'll catch up. Rory walks away.

Lorelai tells Christopher that she thought he was amazing tonight, and that she was so glad he came through for Rory. She says she's giving him big credit now. She says that she looked Boston up on a map and found out that it wasn't too far away and that I-84 is a good road. She says that if Christopher wanted to drop by occasionally, it wouldn't be too difficult. Christopher reminds her that he'll be driving a Volvo. Lorelai says that she's starting to come around to that economical, sturdy, efficient driving machine. She leans in and flirts, saying the car is like a Catholic schoolgirl. He says he likes that image. She kisses him. She says that the I-84 can get jammed on the weekends, so if he wanted to stay longer to avoid traffic, it'd be okay. He says it's a tempting offer, but that he has to get back to work. " someone." Lorelai's face falls, and Christopher says he knows he should have told her about it. Lorelai says she understands. I don't. His girlfriend let him drive to Stars Hollow to sleep at his ex-girlfriend's house where his daughter lives? Lorelai says she understands and thinks it's great. She asks if it's Linda from Marketing. Christopher says her name is Sherri. "Sherri from Marketing?" Lorelai asks. "Sherri from Boston," Christopher answers. Hence the move. Lorelai asks whether it's serious. Christopher tells her that they're living together. Lorelai is stunned at how much he's changed. Christopher says that Sherri made it pretty clear that she would leave if he didn't shape up. He adds that he'll see Lorelai back home. He walks off, and Lorelai's heart breaks. He's trouble, Lorelai! One day of responsibility doesn't mean he'll make all of your dreams come true! Get him to start paying for Chilton! The troubadour plays as Lorelai walks over to Luke's.

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