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Balls. But Not In That Funny Way.

Fancy ladies are making small talk with Lorelai about rehabs and fat farms. Christopher swoops in and saves her, making Lorelai immediately fall even more in smitten. "You saved me," she says. "I love you. I wanna have your baby. Oops. Too late." Christopher makes a joke about Lorelai being on Homecoming Court. Lorelai tells him that Neil Young's got nothing on him in a tux. Emily walks up and asks whether Lorelai's seen Richard. Lorelai asks why Richard and Emily didn't come together. I can't believe that everyone's just fine with Christopher standing there, since there was much screaming and fussing the last time he was in town around Lorelai's parents. Turns out Richard's already there, at the bar. Emily walks over and starts fighting with him. Lorelai tells Christopher that she can't look. She asks whether Emily's beating Richard with the Baby's Breath. Christopher says they're energetically practicing their sign language. Christopher says that it's time for a martini, but the bartender isn't around. Lorelai walks behind the bar and starts shaking up Christopher's martini, saying that Steve won't mind. Christopher tells Lorelai that it's a good idea never to let people know you're on a first-name basis with the bartender. They start reminiscing over being sixteen at a debutante ball. Lorelai tells Christopher she's glad he's here. He's glad as well. The loudspeaker cuts in and announces that all fathers need to report to the staging area. Christopher and Lorelai share a moment before he leaves.

At the staging area, Libby's still getting boozy. CuteDean walks up because he wanted to see what Rory looked like. What's this fuzzy thing Rory has to carry? ["It's a fan, I think." -- Wing Chun] She asks what he thinks. He tells her he thinks she looks like a cotton ball. She smirks at him. "Well, thank you, Jeeves," she says. CuteDean adds that she's a "really cute cotton ball." Libby cuts between them and tells Rory that she's so getting married. CuteDean asks what Libby just said and Rory plays it off by saying hello to her father. I can't believe CuteDean and Rory aren't a little more in love with each other, seeing each other dressed up all fancy. CuteDean in a tux, y'all. I miss that floppy hair. CuteDean leaves with a "good luck." So much for romance. Christopher tells Rory this is her last chance to shimmy down the drainpipe (possible Grease shout-out?). Rory and Christopher make a pact not to let the other one trip. They get into position as we fade to commercial.

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