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Love And War And Snow

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Love And War And Snow

This is strange. But we switch to the "Black and White and Read" bookstore, where they are showing a movie tonight. We pan around the inside of the bookstore, where people are trying to watch the movie, but Lorelai and Mustang Max are sitting right in the middle with their food all over the place, talking quite loudly about the Fiesta Burger and all sorts of things. It's really quite rude, but since Stars Hollow is only full of the nicest people in the universe, they aren't complaining. Even though they have to sit along the sides of the bookshelves and crane their necks to see the old movie. Lorelai keeps asking Max if he's scared because of the movie yet until he tells her that she's really quite annoying in movies. She says she knows she is. Great. Then DON'T GO TO THEM. Man, talk about ruining it for everyone. I'd kill her. She says she thinks it's very important that he knows all of her flaws as well as her good points this early on. Heh. He says if she didn't do that then he could get carried away in all of her attributes and find himself thinking, "My God. This woman is absolutely perfect." They kiss as we fade to commercial.

It's cold in Stars Hollow and they have to wear hats all of the time. That's the only explanation I can come up with for the bad hair and generally scrubby appearance of all of the characters on this show. Mustang Max -- buy some gel. It won't kill you. Tame that poufy back part of your head.

I love this halfway recap thing that they do. I really do wish it said, "In case you're still holding onto Friends..."

Rory, Emily, and Grandpa are at the big table with the frozen pizza. Grandpa and Emily look frightened. Rory says that they should eat it before it gets cold. Emily burns her mouth on a slice. Grandpa says it's quite tasty. He cuts off another piece with his knife and fork and says they should have it more often. He says he'd like this instead of "that salmon that keeps showing up." Emily insists that the salmon is a "fine delicacy." Rory tells Emily to try the pizza again. She politely declines. Rory walks over to Emily's plate and says that it's much better with some grated cheese on it. She says that's how Lorelai makes it. She grates the cheese and talks about how Lorelai is skilled in making frozen pizza taste good. She asks Emily to try the pizza again: "If you wanna get really crazy, you can pick it up." Emily gets a "wild" face on and picks up the pizza and takes a bite. She says it's wonderful. She walks over to Grandpa's side of the table and tells him he has to try it with the grated cheese. She grates some cheese for Grandpa. I'm really loving this scene, people. Rory gets up and runs from the table, saying she'll be right back.

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