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Love And War And Snow

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Love And War And Snow

The freezer contains several packages of wrapped food. Emily: "Nothing." Grandpa: "Not a blessed thing." Rory finds a box of frozen pizza. Emily is disgusted and says it must belong to Anna. "The maid," Grandpa says. "Yes," Emily confirms. Grandpa: "Ah! Got one!" Rory grabs the box of pizza out of the freezer. She says she's going to make it. Emily and Grandpa try and talk her out of it. "That's food you eat at a carnival, or in a Turkish prison," insists Emily. Rory tells them to go back into the living room and says she'll call them when it's ready. She asks Emily what the odds are of her knowing where a cookie sheet might be. "I'd say very slim," Grandpa offers. Rory tells them to forget it, and that she'll find it on her own. "Very slim? Thank you for that," snarks Emily. She and Grandpa leave the kitchen.

Now just listen to the following dialogue while Mustang Max and Lorelai pick up their food from the take-out window. Lorelai: "Thank you. Hold that?" Mustang Max: "Yep." Lorelai: "Thank you." Mustang Max: "Thanks." Counting Emily's that's four "Thanks" in less than fifteen seconds. This show couldn't get any more wholesome. Seriously. Lorelai and Mustang Max go immediately back into their quick "jokey" banter, which I refuse to recap, so here are the facts you learn from all of this. Mustang Max has never been married. He almost was once, but she's in Thailand now, because of business. He believes in "fate, poetry and love." Lorelai says she's never been married. Mustang Max asks if she was ever close to getting married. She says that Rory's father proposed. "What happened?" Lorelai: "The bell rang? I was late for Chem lab?" She says she's glad they didn't get married, because her life would have been completely different and she likes her life and if her life was different she wouldn't be walking with Mustang Max right now in the snow. He asks where they're going. She says she can't ruin the surprise. They debate about which one is the crazier one and if they are, in fact, a perfect match.

Grandpa is arguing business over the phone. Rory has been looking out the window while Emily goes over some paperwork. Rory stands up and wanders out of the room.

Rory walks into Lorelai's bedroom, fiddles with the dollhouse for a second, and then walks over to the vanity. She opens a drawer and pulls out some books. She finds a photo album. Let me just say here that this is so dangerous. Having spent some time this summer cleaning out my mom's old bedroom from when she was a kid, you find things in there that you always wanted to know, and things you never needed to know. You find out what kind of a kid your mother was, and you get upset that she never told you some of these things that you wished she had shared. You plan on asking her some of these things, but wonder how you are going to phrase it so that it doesn't sound like you were snooping around in her past. Rory opens the photo album and a string of photo-booth pictures fall out. She looks at the pictures. It's her mom and her dad, kissing and smiling. On the back, circled with a heart, it says: "Chris and Lorelai '83." Rory sticks the pictures into her jacket as her pager goes off. She calls her house. It's Lane, who is standing in her kitchen. Lane immediately starts complaining that Rory is never around when she needs her. She's always at her grandparents' or she's at school or she's with CuteDean: "What good is it to have a best friend when she's never around and she never listens and she has no interest in the fact that you're in love or that you touched his hair..." "You touched whose hair?" Rory interrupts. "Rich. Blumenfeld?" Rory asks why Lane would touch Rich's hair. Lane says that's the question. She doesn't know why a sane person would touch a near-stranger's hair. She says she really needed somebody to talk to about this and Rory wasn't there. Rory tries to get her to calm down. Lane says that Rory has everything now and she has nothing, "except for two thousand Korean Bibles and a potential F in jazz band." Rory apologizes. Lane: "Don't be sorry. Be here." Suddenly the phones go dead and Rory and Lane get disconnected. Emily runs into the bedroom and says she needs Rory immediately. She says there's something wrong with the stove and that it keeps making noises. Rory says that's just the timer going off and that the pizza is ready. This doesn't calm Emily down at all. She tells Rory she can try Lane again later when the phones are working, but she needs to come downstairs immediately to help her stop the buzzing. Grandpa calls from somewhere deep in the bowels of the mansion that he needs the buzzing to stop. Rory follows Emily downstairs.

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