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Love And War And Snow

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Love And War And Snow

Let me say right off the bat that Lorelai and Mustang Max speak so quickly to each other that it's almost impossible to transcribe here. Mostly it's not that important because I don't actually think that their banter is that witty or fun. The basis of this scene's rapid dialogue is that Mustang Max was on his way back from Stamford and his car broke down. Lorelai finds it quite convenient that his car broke down in her town. "Good car," she purrs. Listening to the two of them reminds me of old acting exercises where you scan out the script and have to take extra long beats and change body positions and blah, blah, blah methodcakes. They talk for a long time about who should be taking the other one somewhere, since one is technically a guest and the other is technically a host, but one is asking for the date, but the other is accepting the date. Do you see what I mean? Anyway, Lorelai tells Mustang Max that Rory's gone for the evening (actually, he asks in this really creepy "is it okay if I sleep with you?" way), and they decide to go wherever Lorelai says they're going to go.

Emily is on the phone while Rory works on homework behind her. Emily is incredibly upset because the weather has made it impossible for Florence to get to their house. "Florence?" Grandpa asks. "Our cook," explains Emily. Grandpa says they'll just have to go out. Emily whines, "Oh, please, Richard. Pay attention. We can't go out. It's miserable out there." Grandpa says they'll figure something out. Emily asks what they're going to figure out. Grandpa says he doesn't know. Emily stamps her foot and says, "I hate the damn snow." Grandpa asks her to calm down. Emily says that these Friday dinners are the only proper nutrition that Rory gets all week and that this is a serious problem. Grandpa looks up from his paper and shouts into the other room, "Rory? Are you at any way malnourished or in need of some International Relief Organization to recruit a celebrity to raise money on your account?" Rory: "I'm good." Grandpa: "She's good, Emily." Emily: "Your sense of humor rears its ugly head at the oddest of times, Richard." Hee. Grandpa says he's not the mastermind behind ruining Emily's dinner, and that he doesn't enjoy being treated that way. Emily asks if he's fine with not having any dinner, then. Grandpa drops his newspaper and says, "I certainly am not!" Rory walks into the room at this point and offers to find something in the kitchen to cook. She tells them to follow her into the kitchen. "It'll be fun, I promise," she smiles. Emily says that if she has to go in there, then Grandpa has to go in there.

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