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Love And War And Snow

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Love And War And Snow

Independence Inn. Lorelai smiles to Michel and asks what the weather's like. He Frenches, "It is cold and gray like a fat, dead pigeon." Lorelai and Michel go back and forth about whether or not the snow is pleasant. Lorelai says that if Michel went five minutes with her in a snowball fight she'd knock "that stick right out of [his] butt." Sookie walks up with that ever-present grin and says, "Okay, how's this sound? Maple sugar snowflakes on all of the pillows." Lorelai loves it. It's 79 degrees outside here in L.A. I just thought I should mention that.

Lane walks in with Rory. Lane is wearing a terrible band uniform that makes me feel sorry for her. Rory is going through her bag and not really listening to the fact that Lane is gushing about this boy she's known for a while and is suddenly madly in love with. Rich. She loves her some Rich. Rory can't find her chem book. Lane asks Rory to focus. Lorelai walks up, calls Lane "Sergeant Pepper," and tells Rory that her book is behind the front desk. Rory walks away to get her book. Lorelai looks at Lane for a few seconds and then sighs. "Wow," she says. "Yeah," Lane says back. It really is a hideous outfit.

Rory starts walking towards the kitchen to find Sookie, and asks Lane where they were. Lane says she had just found her soulmate. Rory remembers, "Right. Rich Blumenfeld. Does he still wear the Star Trek shirt?" Lane rolls her eyes.

Sookie is explaining to a new chef how you have to stare at the pot on the stove to make sure that it never boils. Once it boils it'll ruin whatever it is she's making, so she tells him just to stand there and stare. Rory asks Sookie if she has any more of the Rocky Road cookies she made yesterday. Sookie says she can scrounge some up. She walks back over to the chef and asks if he's staring. "I'm staring," he smiles. As she walks away his face falls into the "I am an internationally known chef and I'm staring at a fucking pot," face. Lane is going on about Rich's great hair -- how it's thick but not too thick and has a natural wave and how he obviously doesn't use too many hair products. Rory is clearly distracted. She asks what time it is. Lane doesn't know. "I have to get to the bus stop," Rory smiles. "Dean's meeting me there." "But I'm trying to talk to you about this," Lane whines. "I know. We'll talk on the way," Rory says. Sookie brings Rory a bag of cookies. Lorelai walks into the kitchen and tells Rory that she's having a locksmith over this afternoon and she doesn't know how long it's going to take so she might end up being a bit late for the dinner. Man, it's always Friday on this show. Lorelai picks up the bag of cookies and asks why Rory would have them, since she hates Rocky Road. "No, I don't," Rory says. "Oh, I'm sorry. That must be my other daughter...Schmory." ["Reading that made me remember how Lauren Graham said it, and I laughed again. It was funny." -- Wing Chun] Rory starts to leave. Lorelai stops her and figures out that CuteDean must like Rocky Road. Sookie starts teasing, "She's bringing baked goods to a boy. Wow. Serious." "Here, Dean. These cookies are for you. Cuz you're keen!" Lorelai chimes in. As Lorelai and Sookie begin the endless teasing, Lane looks like she's in total hell. Lorelai and Sookie start dancing and teasing about "the cookies and the love and the Dean," Rory and Lane high-tail it out of there. It's a very endearing scene. Shut up. This show sends my estrogen levels through the damn roof, people. I'm wiggling around to "The Cookies and the Love and the Dean" as Lorelai drops the song and Sookie continues to sing it as she goes back to her watched pot.

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