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Love And War And Snow

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Love And War And Snow

I also need to point out here that there is something wrong with me that I hadn't identified this trivia bit before: Emily played Baby's mother in Dirty Dancing. Do you know how many "Nobody puts Rory in the corner" jokes I've missed on this? I hate myself. I'm slipping, people. This sugar-coated wholesome show is taking the bite off of my writing. It's sad.

Lorelai looks out her bedroom window, smiles, and walks down the stairs to the living room, where she opens the window and breathes the air. She grabs the answering machine, hits the button and sits down on the couch to listen to the message. It's Max. He blah-blahs on her machine for a long time about how he'd like to see her. Lorelai sits curled up on her couch giggling and dreaming along to his voice. The second he says, "Bye," Lorelai hits the answering machine button and the message begins again. I'm just going to say for the record -- I don't know what the big Max deal is. He's not that attractive or engaging or entertaining. He's kinda...well, creepy. ["Totally agree. He reminds me of a child molester. And, as I said on the forums, he's like Michael Douglas Jr." -- Wing Chun] Okay. Moving on. Rory walks in and asks what Lorelai is doing up. Lorelai turns off the machine and apologizes for waking her. Rory complains that it's freezing and goes to shut the window. Lorelai tells her to wait, close her eyes, and breathe. Rory goes through some half-hearted breathing exercises. "I smell snow," Lorelai wiggles. Rory says it's that time of year. Lorelai asks if Rory can smell it. Rory says it's like "dogs and high-pitched noises" -- something only Lorelai can smell. Whatever; you can totally smell snow in the air. Lorelai giggles and goes on and on about how much she loves snow, and how magical it is and how great the clothes are. Rory mentions the not-so-neat clothes you have to wear when it's freezing. Lorelai says that the best things in her life have happened when it snowed. Rory tucks Lorelai's feet under the blanket. "I feel good," Lorelai smiles. "Tingly." Rory says that's called frostbite. Rory asks when the snowstorm is supposed to hit. Lorelai feels like it'll hit tomorrow. Rory then makes a date for the two of them to sit outside with warm drinks at midnight during the snowstorm, and Lorelai enthuses, "You are my favorite daughter." Rory asks how many times Lorelai is going to listen to Mustang Max's message. "'Till it stops being sexy," she says. Rory makes the grossed-out face and says, "Stop! That's my teacher you're talking about. I have to respect him." Isn't Rory home for Christmas vacation yet? Lorelai offers to make Rory feel better by noting that while Mustang Max is being sexy, he's also being "grammatically correct." Rory says that does help a little bit. Rory goes back to bed, and Lorelai plays her message again while making a fort with the blanket.

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