Gilmore Girls
Love And War And Snow

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Love And War And Snow

"My English teacher is on my couch!" Rory whispers angrily. Lorelai blames it on the snow: "You know how I get. It's like catnip!" Rory is clearly pissed and walks out of the living room.

Lorelai follows Rory into the kitchen and asks her how she feels. "I don't know," Rory says. Lorelai asks, "Take a guess. Angry? Frustrated? Nauseous?" "Weird," Rory says. She asks if he went to the bathroom: "I have stuff hanging in there!" Lorelai reminds Rory that she knew she was going to date him: "This wasn't a total surprise." Rory says that she didn't expect him to be sleeping in her house. Lorelai says she kind of broke the rules. Rory wonders why this is so weird for her. Rory asks whether she loves him. Lorelai says that they just had one date. She said she was going to keep all of these things separate from Rory and that this was a one-time thing and not a trend. Rory says that Lorelai can bring guys home and that if she likes someone she should be able to bring him home. She wants Lorelai to be happy: "Plus I know you're not a cat person, so you truly will be alone if you don't find someone." Lorelai says she doesn't want to bring somebody home unless she's sure he's "The Guy." She says that for right now, though, it's just her and Rory. Rory's bedroom door opens. "And sometimes Lane." Lorelai excuses herself from the room.

Rory tells Lane that the phones were off all night. She apologizes for being a bad friend. Lane says she just wigged out a little, and that Rory's got this great life going on right now and Lane doesn't really fit in. Rory says that Lane totally fits into her life: "I'm talking Legos." Rory says she'll be better from now on: "I promise. Twenty-four hours a day at your disposal." She says that Lane came before CuteDean. Lane smiles and says, "That's right. I got dibs." They hug. Man, I wish I had a best girlfriend in high school. I lost mine very early on. Lane says she has to go home. They make plans for coffee later.

Rory walks into the living room and sees Lorelai and Mustang Max giggling and having coffee on the couch. Rory walks away and pulls the pictures of Lorelai and Christopher out of her pocket. She sips her coffee, walks to the window, and sadly watches the snow. Fade to black.

Go, go, Gadget Pamiefingers! Two episodes of Gilmore Girls in two days? Happy holidays to all of us. Rory falls asleep at CuteDean's, which has happened to all of us, I'm sure. They're even calling it A Gilmore Girls' Christmas like it's a holiday event. Get your mistletoe ready. We may hit full-tilt cutesy. Oh, man. I just got another cavity.

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