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Love And War And Snow

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Love And War And Snow

Lorelai walks Mustang Max up to her house. "It's nice," he says, like he wasn't there a few weeks ago during the Cinnamon fiasco. "Good porch," he says. "Nice windows." Oh, God, shut up, Mustang Max. Clearly she already likes you. Just stop with the over-complimenting. "Front door!" Shut up! Shut up! "Which opens, I assume." Man! He asks Lorelai if something's wrong. She says that it isn't but that she's never had a man over. Like, ever. She's dated, and she's been with men, and been with men, but never at her house, where she lives with Rory. She wants Rory to feel settled and like her life isn't just going to change all of the time. Mustang Max says he understands, and asks if he could just come in for a cup of coffee and that's it. Right. Coffee. "Nothing weird or funny. Unless, of course, you're into weird and funny," he adds. He says he's been having a very good time and it's snowing and cold and Rory is out for the night. Lorelai says she knows. Mustang Max starts laying on the fate thing and how there's a reason they are both there tonight. He says he's just volunteering to be that guy that's worth opening that door for. Lorelai turns around to open the door, and I can't help noticing the look on Mustang Max's face that totally says, "Score. That fate shit works every time, dude. I'm so glad I was an English major. Honeys all over my wood." Lorelai turns around and asks if he'd like some coffee. Mustang Max somehow completely morphs his face into looking just like my friend Daniel and I half expect Mustang Max to say, "Right, right, right?" -- Daniel's constant form of "I'm listening." Fade to commercial as MM walks into Lorelai's house.

Lorelai asks Mustang Max how strong he likes his coffee, because she usually makes it too strong for people other than herself. He says he lived through the Fiesta Burger, so he should be fine with this, too. Max offers to help make the coffee, but instead traps her against the counter in his big aggressive arm-hold and Lorelai squirms around so that they can kiss. They keep kissing and start walking around. They lean against the hall and kiss. They walk backwards towards the stairs and kiss. They are standing at the bottom of the stairs kissing when Lane walks over. Mustang Max sees Lane and asks Lorelai how many kids she has. Lane apologizes and says she was just waiting for Rory. She runs back into Rory's room promising not to come back out. Lorelai turns back around and laughs. Music starts pouring from down the hall. "Oh," Lorelai says, petting Max. "That's The Cure. I have to go back in there." Hee. Mustang Max says he understands and he'll finish up the coffee. Ew. Lorelai says she'll hurry up.

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