Gilmore Girls
Love And War And Snow

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Love And War And Snow

Rory runs into Lorelai's room, picks up the photo album, and runs back out.

Rory brings the album to Emily and Grandpa. Emily says she hasn't seen that album in years. They both clear their spaces to look at the book with her, and start talking about the people in the pictures. There are baby pictures of Lorelai. They find pictures of Hopey, Emily's younger sister who lives in Paris; impulsively, they decide to take a trip to see her this year, and invite Rory to come along. There's Emily and Grandpa's wedding picture. Emily says that the dress is packed upstairs somewhere, and that Rory can wear it at her wedding if she wants to. Grandpa huffs that it's a bit too soon to plan Rory's wedding, but Emily says that every girl starts planning her wedding when she's young. Emily says she'd known what kind of flowers she wanted since she was twelve. "You also knew that you wanted to marry Errol Flynn," Grandpa quips. "Grandma had a thing for the pirate guy?" Rory laughs. "I did not have a thing for the pirate guy," Emily says. "She was mad about him!" Grandpa insists. "She even tried to get me to grow one of those little moustaches." Emily asks him to stop. "She wanted me to swing from a chandelier." Emily smiles, "Oh, now you're just being silly." He says it's a good thing he was on the fencing team in college, or he would have married Lucinda Lester by now. Emily says that Lucinda Lester looked a lot like Errol Flynn. Grandpa laughs and mimes a thin moustache on his face. Hee. "I should have married her. It would have been very modern of me," Emily says, sipping more wine. I'm so in love with these people. Rory finds a debutante picture of Lorelai. She starts asking about it, but Emily and Grandpa get very tight-lipped and exchange glances. Grandpa asks who wants coffee. Emily explains that the picture is Lorelai's debutante gown for her coming-out party. Rory smiles and says, "Mom had a coming-out party?" Grandpa says softly, "No. She didn't." It's quiet for a while until Rory says, "Oh." Emily closes the book and says that things happen and Grandpa excuses himself from the table. Emily leaves to get the coffee. Rory sits down and quietly looks through the book.

Luke watches through the diner window at the re-enactors in the snow. Oh, right. This subplot. He brings out a tray full of coffee to the standing men, and offers coffee to the mayor, who politely declines. Luke says that the mayor is freezing, and that he should take the coffee. The mayor says their forefathers didn't have any coffee. Luke asks how he knows that. The mayor says that this is all still a joke to Luke, and that he doesn't choose to be a joke. Luke politely asks him to take the coffee. "My father would have taken the coffee," he adds. The mayor thanks him and takes the coffee. One man takes the coffee and thanks Luke. The next asks if he can have herbal tea with lemon instead. Another says he'd prefer cocoa. "Ooh, that sounds good. Cocoa for me, too," says another. Luke starts repeating their orders, but stops when he hears the sound of Lorelai's magical voice. He watches her and Mustang Max walk through the snow, flirting soundly. He sees them kiss. Luke looks hurt.

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