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Jess Is a Tool

Outside, Jess pretends to work as he watches Lorelai head to the Jeep. He holds his tool and thinks about the tool he is as we fade to commercial.

Independence Inn. Michel is at the front desk. Lorelai is under the front desk, searching for Rory's bracelet. Michel says that earlier she asked him to look under the desk for the bracelet and he did and told her that he didn't find it. He asks if she didn't believe that he looked. Lorelai says she was just double-checking. Michel says he thinks she thought he was lying -- that he didn't get on his hands and knees in his brand-new Donna Karan suit to crawl around where people have walked after walking on dirt and animal waste. Lorelai stands up and announces that the bracelet isn't there. "No? Well, I am shocked," Michel Frenches. Lorelai apologizes. Michel thanks her for the apology and says it means a lot to him. Lorelai says they've turned the house upside down looking for the bracelet. Michel says that as soon as she pays for his suit to be dry-cleaned, he'll give her his sympathies.

Michel answers the phone. It's Luke. He doesn't want a wood-burning fireplace, but he has to pay an extra two hundred dollars for it. Three other places he's seen ask for a $500 pet deposit. Lorelai reminds Luke that he doesn't have a pet, but it's the principle of the thing. He can't believe that some people want a monthly fee for parking in addition to all of the other utilities. He says the parking space isn't even that good, that it's under a tree where it'll get sap. He wants to know where his $500 under-the-tree- paint-killing-sap deposit is. Lorelai correctly deduces that Luke hasn't found a place yet. She asks if there were any places at all that he liked. Luke says there weren't. Lorelai can't believe that there wasn't even one place that had a nice vibe about it. "I don't use the word 'vibe,'" Luke grumps. He admits that there was one place that wasn't so bad. Lorelai asks for him to describe it to her. "I don't know -- it had walls, with a kind of a floor with a light." Lorelai says that if he tells her that it also has a roof, she's going to buy it out from under him. Luke says he can't tell anymore, and needs a second opinion. Lorelai says she'll look at it. Luke says he needs her to come now. Lorelai doesn't really have a job that's a real job that she actually manages, so she can just take off to go look at the place. I always got the feeling that the Inn was far from Stars Hollow proper, but I guess it's not. Luke gives her the directions (he opted for an alphabet street instead of a fruit street) and then complains about that the apartment number has a "1/2" in it. He hates fractional housing. Lorelai says she'll meet him there in twenty and a half minutes. I guess the Inn is far from Stars Hollow. ["Unless the apartment is just on the other side of town." -- Wing Chun] Lorelai tells Michel to cover the desk for her. Michel says, "Well, I mean, I'll say I'll cover the desk, but how do you know that I'm actually doing it?" Lorelai says that she trusts him. Michel: "I mean, it's just as possible I say I'll cover the desk and the moment you step away, I put some fruit on my head and join a Conga line somewhere." Lorelai says she believes that he looked for the bracelet, but Michel continues: "And while I'm shaking it to the Miami Sound Machine, the phones here will ring and ring and ring and no one to answer, no one to assist." Lorelai leaves with a "bye, Mom." Ha.

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