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Jess Is a Tool

Outside, Jess is on the roof working the gutters. Lorelai calls his name, walking to where he is. He apologizes and asks if he's being too loud. Lorelai says that he's not, but that she's got a ton of Chinese food in the kitchen and she was wondering if he'd like any. "No thanks," he quickly answers, and just as quickly Lorelai heads back into the house. Jess thinks for a second and then comments that he likes Chinese food. Lorelai walks back and says there's plenty. She says that she and Rory tried to eat the entire "chicken" section of the menu last night. Wow, that would be expensive. "Ambitious" is the adjective that Jess chooses to use instead. Lorelai tells him to come in when he's ready. "I'm ready now," he says. She walks inside to meet him. Jess walks down from the roof.

Inside, Lorelai grabs Jess another plate. She reads off the long list of chicken-flavored items that she's got on the table. She warns him not to eat the red peppers or he'll die. Jess goes to wash his hands first. He asks when she had the gutters cleaned last. He says he found an "I Like Ike" bumper sticker up there, and tells her they'll be finished tomorrow. He comments that Lorelai and Rory aren't too keen on vegetables. He is his uncle's nephew. Lorelai says there are green peppers in the Kung Pao. Lorelai asks if Jess is a healthy eater like Luke is. Jess says that Euell Gibbons wasn't a healthy eater like Luke is. Lorelai is impressed with Jess's pop culture name-dropping. Lorelai grabs Jess's plate (even though I'm pretty sure he wasn't done piling the food on it yet) and tosses it in the microwave. Yuck. You can't microwave leftover Chinese food. You have to sprinkle water on it and put it on the stove. Lorelai asks Jess how school's going. "Still there," he answers. She asks if he's on any teams. He laughs that he's not. "Though the thought of throwing a ball at a jock's head isn't entirely unappealing," he notes. They stare at the table for a bit. Jess makes a Luke gesture and says he's not really good at the small talk. Lorelai says he's doing fine. She gives him a cold egg roll. He takes a bite. It's horrible. They laugh. Rory runs in freaking out. Their bonding moment is over as Lorelai runs to Rory in the hallway.

Rory is searching the house for the bracelet. She moans that she doesn't know how she could have done this. Lorelai figures out that it's The Bracelet that's missing, and starts freaking out with Rory. Rory recaps her conversation with CuteDean from earlier as she searches the house. Lorelai asks Rory when was the last time she remembers wearing it. Rory can't remember. Because of all the Jess. As Lorelai helps Rory move the couch, she asks if the bracelet could be at Chilton. Rory says she'd never take the bracelet off at school because she never takes the bracelet off at all. Rory finds Emily's pen. Lorelai tells her to leave it there because it keeps things interesting. A can of Snack Ums and an iBook make strong product placements at the front of this shot. Rory is upset that she's going to have to tell Dean that she lost the bracelet. Lorelai says they're not going to "go there yet," which is a line I almost didn't recap because I think it's lame. Lorelai says that looking at CuteDean's track record, he's probably going to forgive her for this, since he's the most understanding boyfriend that she's ever walked all over. Rory goes to search her room. Lorelai says that if worse comes to worst, they'll just follow him to work, jump him behind the cantaloupes, and then blind him. Rory is comforted in the fact that they now have a plan.

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