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Jess Is a Tool

Kirk is haggling over the price of a book with Gypsy. We asked for her, so we got her. Yay, Gypsy! She tells Kirk that this fundraiser is for charity, so there's no haggling over the prices. Kirk says there's always haggling. He won't pay the full price, even when Gypsy tells him to. He wants to pay a nickel less than the asking price. "It's the principle of the thing," he says, backing up with his arms wide open. Rory walks up with her arms full of books. Gypsy comments that Rory made out like a bandit. She asks if Rory looked over the astronomy section. Rory lies that she didn't find anything, and CuteDean tells her to go look over there for more books. She rolls up her sleeves and says she's done. CuteDean sighs and asks her where her bracelet is. Rory panics and says she took it off. So stupid! Always freak out and scream, "I don't know! Oh, God! It must have fallen off! I mean, I wear it all the time and it was starting to get weak from me wearing it in the shower and I don't know, the rope must have finally snapped when I wasn't paying attention. Maybe it caught over there in the astronomy section. Let me go and look." Even if you take something off because it's ugly, if he notices, freak out and moan that you must have somehow lost it. Then you never have to wear it again, or he'll get you another one to replace it. Instead, Rory says that she was getting a rash from the stress of a Spanish test she had, so she took it off. She says that the rash is almost gone, so she'll put the bracelet back on just as soon as the rash is completely healed. CuteDean offers a compromise. He says she can go look at the astronomy section now, and then they'll go see Lord of the Rings, and then they'll rent Autumn in New York on the way home and mock it all night "with full-on impressions." This makes Rory very happy indeed. He says he's smiling and not at all bored. They kiss, and Rory walks away. "Sixty-two cents," Kirk says to Gypsy. "Get out of here, Kirk," Gypsy responds. "Damn," Kirk says, and walks away.

Lorelai pulls a million Chinese food boxes out of her refrigerator as the sound of Jess working outside can be heard. The strummy music continues as Lorelai starts making a mondo plate of Chinese leftovers for herself and then stops. We have no choice but to take this moment to reflect on how pretty Lauren Graham is. She puts on her blue coat and the quirky music stops.

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