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Jess Is a Tool

Outside, Rory asks Jess why he's unable to hold up a conversation when other people are around. "The verbal thing comes and goes," he explains. Rory asks him to try to be nicer around her mother. Jess says he took the Coke, even though he thinks it's crazy to put lemon in a Coke. Rory isn't into playing little games and tells him to stop. He comments that she's wearing her "disturbed face." Rory says it wouldn't hurt him to be nice to her mom since Lorelai's a friend of Luke's, and Rory's best friend. "So, if you care about me at all, you'll take that into consideration," Rory concludes. Jess asks what makes Rory think that he cares about her. "I don't mean care care, like care. I, I mean if you like me at all. Not like like, I just meant that if you think of me remotely as the sort of person that you could occasionally stand to talk to, then you will try to get along with my mom. That's all." Jess watches all of this with a sly smile and then says he'll try. He adds that he can't guarantee that it'll work, but that he'll try. Rory thanks him. Jess says he should get to work. Rory apologizes and goes inside. Strummy music takes us out.

What's Stars Hollow without a strange midday fundraiser where there's tons of people we've never met? It's time for the Stars Hollow Book Fair. I think I just saw Greg Kinnear walk by. So that's what he's been doing with himself these days. CuteDean is CutePouty on some stairs, waiting for Rory. My mom and I just spent three hours in a used bookstore today, so I can sympathize with CuteDean, even though I wouldn't just be sitting around wasting time when there are so many books to browse. CuteDean's got about twenty books next to him (which I'm assuming are Rory's). Rory hands CuteDean a 75-cent copy of Inherit the Wind, which is a total shout-out to my dad, who used to ask me about once a month if I've seen the movie, and I'd remind him that I read the play on more than one occasion. Rory has also found a paperback that she'd like. She tells CuteDean that he looks bored, and that he should look around. He says that he did look around for twenty minutes, but then he stopped, and now it's been two hours. Rory says that it hasn't been two hours. CuteDean holds up his watch. Rory apologizes and says that they can go. CuteDean says he knows that Rory isn't done browsing, but she's getting all short with him, saying that she's finished. She gathers her stacks of books, but CuteDean tells her to stop and to keep looking. Rory says she'd rather hang out with him. They have a mini-fight about whether Rory really wants to leave, during which Rory's a bit passive-aggressive. CuteDean says they can go see Lord of the Rings again. Rory pouts that it'd be fine to do that. CuteDean says that he thought she loved that movie and wanted to see it one hundred times. Rory says she didn't know they were going to be so literal. I couldn't make it past twenty minutes of the witches and goblins, so I don't know how they could devote three hundred hours of their lives to watching that film. CuteDean says that they could see something else. ["Rory strikes me as the Royal Tenenbaums type." -- Wing Chun] Rory plays the martyr by saying that LOTR is fine. She then sighs and asks, "Can you help me with these?" Oh, poor Rory.

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