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Jess Is a Tool

Rory comes home to find Lorelai programming her new alarm clock. She tells Rory to sit and wait. They watch the clock turn to four, when the clock starts oinking feverishly. It's Lorelai's new farm alarm clock/CD player with different barnyard animal settings. I had a roommate who put a "mooing-cow" faucet on our kitchen sink, and I almost stabbed her in the eye with a chopstick. I hate barnyard animal toys. The alarm clock looks like a George Foreman grill. In addition to the "perky piggies," Lorelai's new clock also offers "cheery chickens" and "goofy goats." Rory says it's as close to a farm as she ever wants to get. "Amen, sister friend," Lorelai agrees. There's a knock at the door, proving just how punctual Jess can be when he wants to. Rory runs to answer it because she loves Jess.

Jess has come bearing gifts. What's that about a vampire not being able to come in unless you invite him? Anyway, he tosses Rory a CD. "The Shaggs?" she asks. Jess tells her to trust him. She says he's very punctual. Jess complains about having to look at apartments with Luke. Rory says that it might be nice for Jess to have his own room. Jess asks if Rory changed her hair. She says she hasn't, but it looks shorter to me. Jess says her hair looks "different." She asks if it looks "bad different." They're interrupted by the sound of ducks quacking, and Lorelai squealing with delight. "We just got a new alarm clock," Rory explains. "Huh," Jess says. "Bet I know what the lead story's gonna be in the Stars Hollow Gazette tomorrow." Hee. I think that's the best line of the episode. You know, it's not that "Jess" is the problem with this show. I just don't really like the actor playing him. With his Scott Baio hair. ["To me, it's both, but Pamie and I have discussed this at length and agreed to call a truce." -- Wing Chun] Lorelai walks in beaming over the duck sounds. She says hi to Jess. They have an awkward silence. Rory invites Jess into the house. Lorelai asks if he wants something to drink. They walk into the kitchen as Lorelai babbles on about the new Diet Coke with Lemon. She says that it's very addictive, which it is. Lorelai tries to make small talk with Jess, but he has shut up now that Lorelai is in the room. He's not much for talking. Rory tells Lorelai that Luke and Jess are looking for a new apartment. Lorelai tells him that there are great places on Peach, Plum, Orange, and any fruit-named streets. She sighs and turns around so we can see both Lorelai and Jess give a look at the same time. Lorelai basically tells Jess to get to work. Rory offers to show him the tools. Lorelai tells Rory that she's trying. Rory tells Lorelai to keep it up.

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