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Jess Is a Tool

Night. Lorelai and Rory walk through Stars Hollow as Lorelai announces that she's finally ready to get a tattoo. Rory says Lorelai's been saying that for five years. Lorelai says she's going to get a tattoo of Mel Brooks. With the Two-Thousand-Year Old Man, Young Frankenstein, and Silent Movie, Mel has earned the right to have his face on her butt. "I am so sorry, Mel," Rory sing-songs. Lorelai says she's sure Mel will love it. Lorelai says they need whipped cream for their ice cream sundaes to eat during their movie night. Rory quips that Lorelai's trying to build a bigger canvas for Mel's display. Lorelai laughs that Mel's a genius and deserves everything he can get. She stops walking as she sees Luke inside his closed diner drinking a beer and watching a tiny television. She tells Rory to go ahead and buy their groceries while she flirts...uh, rather, "has a conversation" with Luke.

Lorelai makes Luke unlock the door and let her in. She tells him that she and Rory are on their way home to eat lots of food he wouldn't approve of. She asks what he's doing. He's watching the game on the tiny television. Lorelai asks, "Is it the first time it's been away from its mother?" Luke says it's a very good television. It's about five inches tall with a coat-hanger antenna. Lorelai says there's a larger television upstairs. Luke says that Jess is upstairs, which means the stereo is blaring and the place is a mess so he came downstairs to have a little quiet and privacy. Lorelai comments that Luke is sitting on an uncomfortable chair in an empty diner that smells like onion rings. Luke says it was peaceful, until a couple of minutes ago. Lorelai suggests that Luke get a bigger apartment. Luke says he doesn't need one. Lorelai points out that he's living in his father's old office, and that it was never meant to be a place where someone lived. Luke says that it's fine. Lorelai says it's too small for two people, or one person with a life. She says he needs to move. Luke says he likes his apartment. Lorelai says it's not just his apartment anymore, and that Jess could be pinned under a box in there for days before anyone complained about the smell. Rory walks into the diner and asks Lorelai if she's ready to go home. Luke tells Rory to take Lorelai out of there. Lorelai gets up to leave, but Luke stops her to ask if she ever hired anybody to clean out the rain gutters. Lorelai says that she hasn't, excited that Luke might be coming around the house. Luke offers up Jess, saying that he needs the extra money. Lorelai doesn't want Jess rooting his hand around anything in her house, but Rory's smitten with him so she has no real reason to say no. Lorelai lies and says that she's got a couple of offers already out there, but if they all say no, she'll hire Jess for the job.

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