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Jess Is a Tool

Jess climbs down the ladder with a garbage bag of gunk as Rory pouts by. "You look good," he tells her. Rory tells him about the bracelet. She says she's been all over town looking for it and can't find it. Jess says that he knows the bracelet has "an I've-been-pinned, Bye, Bye, Birdie implication" to it, but it really is just a bracelet. Jess has this thing where only part of his lip moves while he talks, as if he's sort of paralyzed on one side, but doing it as a character choice. Jess tells Rory that she didn't lose the bracelet on purpose. Rory says that things haven't been going too well between her and CuteDean lately (because she went on a date with Jess, at which time she lost her bracelet from Dean) and this will just look bad. Jess tells Rory to keep looking: "Anywhere. Things you lose are usually right in front of your face." He tells Rory that it's probably in her room, right where he planted it. Rory says she's looked there already. Jess says that Dean will just have to get over it, then. Rory leaves to look for the bracelet again. "You do that," Jess says to nobody.

Lorelai's new issue of Jane has arrived, and if I wasn't in the middle of a full-on Jane boycott, I'm sure I could report that Jane's more than happy to report all of its free publicity and that Jane Pratt just loves all the actors on Gilmore Girls and that she and Lauren Graham ate lunch together before they went shopping at Fred Segal recently. Rory tells Lorelai she's been scouring the town, and she's about to check her room again. She walks in and finds the bracelet right away, of course. Lorelai runs into Rory's room. It was under the bed. Rory says maybe she didn't look under the bed. "Oh! That is amazing!" Lorelai says, filling the "amazing" quotient for the episode. I'm sure Lorelai checked under that bed about sixty times as well. Lorelai puts the bracelet on Rory's arm. Rory says that it looks even better than it used to. "I think the time away from home did it some good," Lorelai notes. Rory leaves to go tell Lane to stop praying. Lorelai smiles, cues the strummy la-la music, and watches Jess through the window.

Lorelai walks outside and asks Jess if he's leaving. He says he's all finished and out of there. She says he was leaving without getting paid. Jess says he figured he'd get it eventually since he knows where she lives. Lorelai hands him the cash. I don't like her boots with her skirt and long coat. "You took it. Didn't you?" she asks him as he walks away. Jess pretends he doesn't know what she's talking about. Lorelai asks how Jess got the bracelet. She asks if he broke into the house in the middle of the night. He says he came down the chimney and pulled a Santa Claus. Lorelai says it's just a huge coincidence that Rory found her bracelet moments after Lorelai found Jess walking out of her bedroom. Jess says that it is. Lorelai says she knows Jess hates the world, but she thought he liked Rory. Jess says he didn't do anything. Lorelai is forced to say the word "bull" and then call Jess a "jerk," which I just wish they'd stop doing on the WB. It's so stupid. Nobody calls anybody a jerk. Lorelai goes off on Jess, telling him that he let Rory run around Stars Hollow in a complete panic looking for that bracelet -- that he didn't do anything to CuteDean, but only hurt Rory. Lorelai says that Dean is great and that Rory is madly in love with him and that the bracelet is the most precious thing Rory owns. She never takes it off and it means everything to her. Jess asks, "Why did it take her two weeks to notice it was gone, huh?" Not only that, it took CuteDean to notice it. Not only that, but Jess just confessed to taking the bracelet. He tells Lorelai not to start calling CuteDean "son" just yet. Lorelai tells him to get out. "You read my mind," Jess says, but it sounds like, "Uradinum mines."

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