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Lorelai's First Cotillion

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You Can Dance If You Want To

At the tea, Emily goes over the rules of the cotillion and how best to sit and behave. "Such elegance," Michel whispers to Lorelai, as they stand watching. "Such a sense of decorum. Manners. Grace. Charm. Everything my childhood could have been but wasn't. Oh, to go back and do it right." Our favorite chicken-walker commits the ultimate sin of leaning over to her friend to touch a pin the other girl is wearing, declaring it so cool. She is, of course, immediately admonished by Emily: "Caroline, we do not grab or grope our dinner partners. Always maintain proper spacing and distance." Lorelai rolls her eyes: "Oh, it's all coming back to me. Other kids were hugged and kissed. I was taught to maintain proper spacing and distance." Suddenly, Michel is overcome. "Take me!" he says, turning to Lorelai. "Oh, Michel!" she demurs, teasingly. He says no, he means she has to take him to the cotillion: "I have be there. I want to go back and do it right." Lorelai says that there's no way she's going to the cotillion, but Michel insists that she owes him one. Last November, apparently, she asked him to keep Paul Anka for the day, during which he traumatized Michel's dogs, got into Michel's closet, and pooped in his Prada loafers: "When I returned your foul creature, you...wrote an IOU on several little Post-Its, thinking it was oh so clever." Lorelai claims that she does not remember this incident. "I thought as much," Michel sneers, and runs away, only to return with the Post-Its in question. "I'll buy you a car!" Lorelai suggests as an alternative to the cotillion, just as Emily jumps on "Carolai" for being silly with her food. Nope, Michel demands to go: "Pick me up at 7, and wear your hair like you had it the other day."

Lane wakes up from a long pregnancy nap at her apartment and comes out to find Zach playing videogames. "I'm so tired all the time," she tells him. "It's weird." Zach doesn't even look at her, suggesting that her fatigue must be from the heat, or maybe beer. She says uh, no, she doesn't think she will be drinking beer for a while, though I don't know why she should bother abstaining, since beer could only make any child of Zach's smarter. Is the lovely Keiko Agena actually pregnant? I know she got married last year, right? There are a few scenes in this episode where she looks, from some angles, like she might truly be knocked up. Very exciting, if so. Zach remains clueless as Lane hints around about needing to consume more calcium, and having cravings for certain foods. "Oh, man," Zach interrupts, still only watching the game screen. "You know what I'm craving right now? Pizza bagels." Lane stares at him incredulously and goes out to see Rory at the book store...

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Gilmore Girls




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