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Lorelai's First Cotillion

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You Can Dance If You Want To

In bed that night, Rory finally calls Logan and wakes him up. "I just...I sent you a text the other day," she says, nervous. He laughs, dare I say it, sexily. "I know," he says. "I texted you back." The word "texted" is bothering me, big-time. Rory suddenly notices that, yes, she has a text message on her phone that she didn't see before. "," she says. "Whoa, yours is really good." She says she'll let him go so that he can sleep, but no, he's awake now and, well, ready to bring sexy back, if you know what I'm saying. He insists that she text him back: "You started this." Rory's all shy: "I know, but I don't have my books with me." Aw. I want to tell her to shut up, but that's just cute. "You don't need your books, Ace," Logan says, all full of desire. "I miss you, Rory." They hang up and get it on, new school-style.

Upstairs, Lorelai sits in her room, looking at the corsage Michel gave her. Pensively, she picks up her phone and makes a call and breaks all our hearts: "Hi, Chris."

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