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Lorelai's First Cotillion

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You Can Dance If You Want To

Michel escorts Lorelai and her gorgeous orchid corsage into the cotillion, complaining that she did not provide him with a boutonnière. Lorelai is inappropriately wearing a summer white dress, complete with a daisy design, and though she is stunning, as usual, I can't get behind it. Michel and Lorelai see her doppelganger, Caroline, in her pretty party dress, complete with some tiger-print Chucks. Lorelai looks at her wistfully as Michel blathers on about the children and how one of them could be a future President. "You're very odd," Lorelai tells him as Emily walks up. Michel gushes about the perfection of the cotillion, and Emily beams. Charlotte runs over and introduces her grandparents to Lorelai. "Charlotte told us you were a card," the g-daddy says. "She also told us you were a delightful dining companion," says the grandmother. "Like Noel Coward and Slim Keith rolled into one." Lorelai tries to return the compliment, saying that Charlotte is "like Shirley Temple and Mother Teresa and someone with very good table manners rolled into one." When her grandparents walk away, Charlotte confides that she and Caroline will be doing a hip-hop dance later, ending with a somersault. I am sure Emily will love that. Charlotte goes off to dance with a little boy, and Lorelai sees Caroline, waltzing around with her own dance partner. She happily shares a wave with Lorelai as Michel comes over to comment that everyone seems to be enjoying the cotillion. "Yeah," Lorelai says, clearly surprised, "they really do, don't they?" Michel insists that she dance with him, citing the favor she owes, and with much reluctance, Lorelai joins him on the dance floor. Much to her surprise, Lorelai has a lot of fun. "I see you're having a terrible time," Emily says, wandering by. Lorelai laughs: "The worst."

Back at the Crap Shack that night, Chris and Rory are back from dinner and feeding Paul Anka the leftover key lime pie. Now, people, I don't mean to be a stickler, but that ain't right. Unless you want your house to be wall-to-wall dog diarrhea, please do not feed him pie. Or anything besides dog food. I'm telling you. Learn from the tragic errors of my youth. Paul Anka seems to understand this, if the people don't, and this disaster is further averted by the arrival of Lorelai. She and Christopher immediately have awkward, pause-y conversation, and Rory makes a quick exit to walk Paul Anka. Lorelai apologizes for not calling Christopher back after his message from the last episode, and asks if he'd like to have coffee. After saying yes, Christopher finally has to come clean. He can't just sit there and have coffee with Lorelai...because he loves her. "I know the other night didn't mean for you what it did for me," he says, but he can't stop thinking about it: "Not just because it was great, which is was, but because it was right." He says that if he has to wait until he's eighty for Lorelai to see that they belong together, he will. "This is it for me," he says. "You're it for me, and I can't pretend to feel any less than I do." With that, he walks out, leaving Lorelai standing in her white dress.

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