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Previously: Fencing antics. Lane got a boyfriend. Taylor is going to build an ice cream shoppe. Lorelai made a date with a lame-o named Alex. Paris was furious with Rory. Lane got her first kiss. For the first time, I notice that the other students in the fencing class are at least thirty years old.

We open with Lorelai and Rory standing outside their locked garage, arguing over how long it's been since they last opened its doors. It's been at least four years, since the last time was when they got the Jeep. They reminisce about opening the doors then, when a bat flew out. Ozzy jokes ensue. Rory reminds us all that Lane's band is going to rehearse in the garage, and that's why they have to clean it out. They open the doors. The garage looks like my grandmother's garage. It's where old things go to hide. Rory is furious that there are boxes in front that Lorelai was supposed to give to charity two years ago (so I guess they last opened the doors of the garage two years ago). Lorelai plays dumb and then admits that perhaps the charity people came to pick up the boxes while she was gone getting a cup of coffee, even though she left a note telling them they were allowed to go in the garage and take the boxes. Rory says there was no way to determine that the note was authentic. Lorelai says she left it on Powerpuff Girls stationery, so the only other person who would try to frame him was Hello Kitty. Rory can't believe how much junk is in the garage. Lorelai explains that these are souvenirs from their life's journey, and not junk. She holds up a headless doll and decides that maybe some of it is junk. Then she decides that most of it is junk. Lorelai renames them Sanford and Son. Rory finds her "Hug a World" and proceeds to hug it. The words "Hug a World" are said about a million times. Lorelai points out Canada, the only remaining country on Hug a World, in a shout-out to Wing Chun. Hug a World is apparently a stuffed globe on which Rory learned her geography. They used to hug it tightly, and wherever their pinkies touched was where they were going to run off together after Rory graduated. Lorelai notes that many trips to Uzbekistan were planned that way. Rory loves her Hug a World and wants it to be cleaned so she can keep it forever. Rory tosses Hug a World towards the driveway. Lorelai points out that it's now moving. Something is now living inside of Hug a World. "I hugged it!" Rory moans. "I hugged it tight!" She runs off to shower. Lorelai stands in front of the garage, wondering how they're going to clean it all out. She opts to reuse a joke from the last episode, saying that Lane can rehearse in the kitchen, since they never use that room, either. It was only marginally funnier last week, since Lorelai was willing the room to a spider, but it's still not really effective, because they actually spend many hours in the kitchen. They love eating.

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