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"Veronica! Dinner!"

Dressing room. Emily hasn't asked for her clothes yet. She says she was waiting for Lorelai. They walk over to get their clothes. The costumer hands over two bags and announces that Lorelai and Emily are the "Mother-Daughter Team." Mother and daughter protest, but the costumer isn't hearing it, because she needs a mother and a daughter. Oh, look at that costumer. Did y'all know Jason Hervey grew up to be a short blonde woman? Because this lady is Jason Hervey. Lorelai looks inside the costume bag, gasps, and moans.

Go, go, go! No time! We've already started the fundraiser -- and I'm not sure why they aren't saving this for the end of the show where it'd be funnier -- but it's time for the fashion show. I'm not sure how much money they're going to raise, since only five people are here, and two of them are Michel and Luke standing at the back wall. I hope Carol got extra low-fat cheese for having to run the inn all by herself tonight. Gosh, this show is lit strangely. It's all mostly dark where it should be light. "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" kicks off as women parade in fancy clothes. Ava in her slinky dress. Another woman parades. Two more women. Boom. Time for Lorelai and Emily. They come out together in matching red suits. They parade to the end of the runway. Emily's face is pure bliss. She's laughing and grinning and being all saucy. She's dancing and jutting out her hip. Lorelai goes from mortified to amused, watching her mother prance around. Luke and Michel are laughing in the back. Michel is dancing to the music, by the way. Lorelai gives in and has fun with the modeling as she and Emily pose together. That's it! End of function! Chilton's auditorium has been saved by the Boosters!

Lorelai sits with two Boosters and Emily at a table ten minutes later after everyone's gone home. The Boosters are congratulating Lorelai on the best function anyone's ever seen ever! They ask who picked that perfect music. Lorelai says that she did. Fifteen seconds of Cyndi Lauper and perfection! Emily is beaming with pride. One of the Boosters remarks how perfect it was to hire an actor to play an annoying, rude Frenchman. Lorelai says she thought it'd be a fun touch. The Boosters say that if Lorelai plans all of the events, they won't have to have any dumb meetings anymore. Lorelai says she wants to find out how long it's going to take Nicole Eggert to learn her stepdaughter's name. The Boosters excuse themselves and congratulate Lorelai again. Emily says to Lorelai, "Funny, isn't it? How nicely you seem to be fitting into the world that you ran away from." Emily ends that sentence with a preposition and a departure from the room, congratulating her daughter. Lorelai doesn't take any offense, for some reason. Lorelai looks over and sees Luke talking to Ava, who is giggling at his every word. Lorelai pouts as we fade to commercial.

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