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"Veronica! Dinner!"

Independence Inn. Get ready -- it's already Saturday afternoon of next week. Yeah, I don't know where all the time went, either. Lorelai is walking around checking to make sure everything is in order. She and Michel have a quick conversation that involves only the beginning of sentences.

Lorelai goes back to the convention room and finds that the man putting together the runway has the floor tilted. She asks him to fix it. He says he's working on it. She asserts how important it is that the floor not tilt. Lorelai continues walking and bumps into Sookie. Sookie whines that the lettuce is dry and she can't make salad with dry lettuce. Lorelai tells Sookie to make soup. She stops her and asks if they already bought the dry lettuce. They have, so Lorelai asks Sookie to try to include the lettuce in the soup. I'm not really sure what that scene was for, except to give us a little Sookie, and to prove that Lorelai's inn isn't made entirely of cash, just mostly of cash, and all of that cash seems to funnel into Sookie's budget. You think she's going to feed the Boosters leftover wedding cake?

Luke shows up with Bert. Bert is the tool kit, and Luke asks Lorelai to tell everyone that she's the one who came up with the name. Lorelai giggles that Luke said the word "toolbox." She tells Runway Guy to get up and go, because she wants Luke to look at the runway. Runway Guy says he's the one who put it together. Lorelai says she loved his work in Pisa, but that she'd like Luke to take a look at it anyway. Luke squats and says that Runway Guy put it together all wrong. Lorelai asks over and over again whether Luke can fix it and he says over and over that he needs to take a look at it first. Quick flirting, groaning, moaning, Lorelai, and Luke.

Lorelai walks off and runs into Ava, the head of the Boosters. She just now showed up to check out the place? Little late, Av. Lorelai escorts Ava to the green room where they're all getting ready, and stops to ask whether Luke's already fixed the runway. He snaps that he hasn't, and Ava doesn't want to take another step away from Luke. Ava like handyman. Ava want to make babies with handyman. She's all gross and drooling over him, grilling Lorelai with tons of questions on what Luke's like and whether he's single and what kind of woman he wants. Of course Lorelai doesn't want to give any information that might sacrifice her Luke. Emily saves the day by showing up at this point, and Lorelai shoos Ava away. As the camera follows Lorelai, you can see Ava in the background, teeth firmly crunching into the scenery, making sure every single cell in our bodies know that she's attracted to Luke. Emily complains that the place isn't done yet. Lorelai tells her to go in the back and get ready. Emily asks whether Lorelai has seen the clothes yet. Lorelai hasn't seen them. Emily hopes that they aren't zebra-striped with Spandex. Lorelai pushes Emily to the dressing room. Emily says she's not doing this unless Lorelai is. Lorelai walks back to Luke and squeals when she finds that he's fixed it. Luke says he's going to stick around to make sure nothing's wrong with it. Lorelai gives an "Oh" that reads "No." Luke asks why he can't stay, and Lorelai says there's no reason he can't stay, so Luke's going to stay.

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