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"Veronica! Dinner!"

Lorelai and Rory are walking through a heavily decorated Stars Hollow. Rory is teasing Lorelai about her new model status. Lorelai complains that she's also having to plan this entire event. Rory says that Lorelai should change her name to Waffle and they can say she's from Belgium. Lorelai makes a phone call, saying she's doing something about how crabby she is. She calls Emily and tells her that she's involved with the Booster club. She says that she's organizing the charity fashion show next weekend. Emily is pleased. Lorelai says she knows that Emily wants to stay involved in all of this stuff that benefits Rory, so she volunteered Emily as one of the models. Emily tries to back out of it, but Lorelai's not hearing it. It's next Saturday night at the Inn. She tells Emily to take her measurements. She hangs up and Rory asks whether Lorelai feels better now. "Waffle's very happy," Lorelai says with her Belgian accent.

Chilton lunch. Rory goes back to her solitary table, but Francie walks up and says, "Sit with us, please!" Rory obeys. The Heathers tell Rory they find her fascinating ("like the monkey habitat") and they want to extend an invitation to sit at their lunch table whenever she wants. Rory thanks them and accepts. She asks whether she can talk about their secret sorority now. The table gasps and the girls say they don't know what she's talking about. Rory says that everyone knows about it. Francie asks what's the point about having a secret society if people are going to talk about it all the time. Paris starts looming behind them as Francie says the sorority is just folklore. Ivy says it's like Mariah Carey's breakdown. Lemon discusses Mariah's latest web message to her friends as Francie notices Paris looming and staring behind them. Francie asks Rory if Paris is a friend of hers. Rory stammers, and Ivy calls Paris "too intense." Rory says that Paris is also very smart. Francie says, "So, I drop a box of matches, Paris can tell me how many of them there are?" Ha. Rory goes on about how Paris is a great writer on the school paper and that she's funny. Nobody believes Rory when she says that Paris is funny, and Rory's clearly gone too far, but she keeps talking about how funny Paris is and oh, how they've laughed together. Francie asks Rory whether Paris made her talk her up to the group. Rory says that Paris didn't. They don't believe her, so Rory says she heard that Paris is thinking about "joining another non-existent group." This ruffles the Puffs, and they start wondering what kind of sorority Paris is thinking about joining, and how scandalous that would be since the Gellars were all Puffs. Rory repeats that she thinks that's what she heard. Francie and Ivy turn around and ask Paris to join the table. Paris waits for them to start teasing her, but it doesn't happen. Rory says that Paris might have another table to join, and the Puffs flip out, all moving from their important thrones to have Paris sit across from Rory. Paris smiles at Rory in an incredibly grateful grin. Francie goes on again about how she thinks Homecoming should be put to sleep.

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