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"Veronica! Dinner!"

Out in the hallway, Paris is instantly at Rory's side. Rory jumps and likens Paris to a "pop-up book from hell." Paris asks how Rory got to sit with "The Puffs." The word "puff" will be repeated so many times it will become the funniest word in the world, by the way. Paris asks Rory how she got to sit at the Puff table. Rory says she just sat down. Paris says that nobody just sits down, and that you have to be invited to sit at the Puff Table. She says they're the most influential sorority at Chilton. Rory can't believe that Chilton has sororities. Paris says there are only ten sororities worth mentioning, and that the Puffs are at the top of that list. They've been #1 for decades. Paris's mother and aunt were Puffs. Rory says she thought only colleges had sororities. Paris says that Puff connections last for life. Paris's cousin Maddie got her Supreme Court internship because of Sandra Day O'Connor, a Puff who got the lunch table moved to the table at which Rory sat today. It was a controversial move back when Sandie did it. Rory says she had no idea. Paris asks what Rory said about Paris, and asks whether Rory said bad things. Rory says she didn't mention Paris. Paris says she's been sucking up to Francine Jarvis for over a year now. Rory asks whether she means Francie, and Paris is livid. She helped her with homework, got her a parking lot space, organized her locker, fluffed her pom-pon strands, and did everything she could except give her a manicure: "And by God, if I had any talent with an orange stick, I would have done that, too." Rory says that Paris is insane. Paris says she knows she and Rory don't get along, but the Puffs are so important to her. She has to get in the group. Her family's name, her future, her everything ride on her becoming a Puff. "It's just a clique," Rory says. Paris asks that Rory not say anything horrible about her. Rory says she's not in the clique. Paris argues that she is and says she doesn't care what Rory does or says anyway. She storms off as the bell rings.

Walking up to Emily's, Lorelai asks Rory who would name a kid "Lemon." "Someone really into citrus," Rory answers. She says she can't believe the one day she sat at a table, she ended up meeting a secret society. Lorelai says it's like waking up and finding you're the only member in your family who can't pull her face off. Rory says it's exactly like that. A new maid answers the door and tells Lorelai and Rory to head out to the "patio" for the "barbecue." Lorelai and Rory are appropriately suspicious and shocked. They walk out back and find that there's really a barbecue, but it's catered by some stranger. They grab corn on the cob and sit on a bench to eat it. Emily walks out and asks whether this is a refugee camp. She tells the girls to come inside and eat. Lorelai says that you barbecue to eat outside. Emily says that human beings don't eat outside; animals do. She says that Lorelai can either come inside and eat or find a gazelle to hunt down and cook if she wants to eat outside. Emily walks in. Lorelai confers with Rory on their odds of finding a gazelle in this part of Hartford, and they ultimately agree to go inside.

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