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"Veronica! Dinner!"

Lorelai is unhappy about Rory's new assignment. Rory can't believe that she's got to approach people who don't want to be approached and who she doesn't want to approach just so she can get into Harvard. Lorelai is unhappy that Chilton is now dictating Rory's social behavior. She calls the school a cult. Kirk is fixing the Jeep. He calls from the car asking whether Lorelai can identify a bundle of wires. She, of course, cannot. Rory says that she might be a loner and her giant backpack might be one step away from a scary duffel bag. Lorelai tells her not to doubt who she is and complains that Chilton is trying to change Rory and make her doubt herself. Lorelai says she's going to see Headmaster Charleston and give him a piece of her mind. Kirk walks over to say that he fixed the loose connection and recharged the battery. He adds that he's not going to charge her for the amount of time that he was trapped underneath the car. Lorelai thanks him. Kirk says he was listening in on their conversation and he has to admit that he agrees with them. In high school he had a trenchcoat and a duffel bag and he grew up just fine. Kirk walks away as Lorelai and Rory sit in silence. Lorelai says she's still going to talk to Headmaster Charleston.

Chilton. Lorelai enters Headmaster Charleston's office for their meeting. Charleston is shocked that Lorelai has called the meeting, since they never see her around Chilton. Lorelai says she wanted to talk about Rory and how the Chilton administration thinks she's a loner. She says that Rory does what she wants, and as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else, she doesn't see the problem. Headmaster Charleston says that Rory's behavior is hurting Rory. Lorelai disagrees. Charleston says he's not surprised at Lorelai's reaction, based on the research he's done. He pulls out a folder and tells Lorelai that it's her own file. Once Lorelai realizes that it's her file and not Rory's, she gets pretty impressed with herself for having such a small file. In high school, Lorelai's file was probably pretty big. Charleston says that parents aren't supposed to have small folders, because they record school involvement. He says that Lorelai hasn't been active enough in Chilton activities. Lorelai says that she went to a bake sale and even sold items, but Charleston points out that Lorelai left early. Lorelai says she has a busy schedule. "Like mother, like daughter," he says. Charleston guilt-trips Lorelai, and asks whether she's too busy to tend to Rory's needs of having an active parent on campus, setting a good example as a parent with social skills and a community consciousness. He gives Lorelai a list of parent groups on Chilton, and says that any one of them would be happy to have Lorelai as a member. Lorelai tries to get out of it, but Charleston's quick with the "be a good mommy" number. I still feel pretty horrible about the time I suckered my mother into being a Brownie leader, when she hates kids and all. I think I just didn't want to be a Brownie, and if my mom hated being there as much as I did, I could quit the troop without being a Bad Brownie. Lorelai stands and then asks whether she's allowed to leave. Charleston says she can leave, and tells her that he's glad she stopped by today. Lorelai leaves with her assignment, saying she's full of good ideas. Fade to commercial.

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