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"Veronica! Dinner!"

Skip forward to lunch. Rory carries her tray over to a lunch table and sits down. She pulls out her book and her Discman. She starts blasting music and opens her can of juice. A woman practically shoves Rory's arm, startling Rory. The woman apologizes, and Rory says she startles easily. The woman introduces herself as the guidance counselor and asks Rory if they can have a chat soon. Rory says that would be fine, and the counselor asks Rory to stop by her office when she's done eating. Rory jokes about the meeting being so soon and asks what it's about. The counselor gives no hints, and just tells Rory to stop by when she's finished.

Cut to the counselor's office. Rory walks in and takes a seat when asked. The counselor tells Rory she'll write a note if she's late for her next class. She says she knows Rory's a stickler for punctuality. Rory agrees that she is, and says she only slipped once last year when she hit a deer, or the deer hit her, or whatever it was that happened back then. Rory talks about it for quite some time and then admits she should be better at telling this story by now. The counselor says that she and Headmaster Charleston are worried about Rory's behavior, and that they've been observing her for some time. Rory's understandably freaked out to hear that they've been watching her. The counselor says they're concerned about Rory's social behavior, in that she doesn't interact with the other students. Rory says she does sometimes interact with other students, but admittedly that's only during class time. The counselor says that, at lunch, Rory's always by herself. Rory says that's when she catches up on her reading. The counselor says that Rory's Walkman makes her almost unapproachable. Rory points out that the counselor approached her, and the counselor counters that Rory almost jumped out of her skin when she did. Rory says she's jumpy. She goes on about the 4th of July celebration in Stars Hollow and how it totally freaks her out. The counselor says that this might affect Rory's future. When they make recommendations to universities, social skills are taken into account. She says that Rory shouldn't want to appear as a loner. Rory says she's not a loner, because she's not some angry guy in a long trenchcoat and bell-bottoms (why the bell-bottoms?), carrying a duffel bag. The counselor says that even pretty girls can be loners, and that Rory should try to "mix it up a bit," starting at lunch. Rory asks whether there's a lunchtime reading and Walkman group she could join. The counselor only gives a bemused sigh.

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