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"Veronica! Dinner!"

K. Hallway at Chilton. Paris's mother sent the nanny/housekeeper to pick her up, and the woman is barking at Paris in Spanish about leaving the house. Rory finds Lorelai and tells her that everything was fine. Rory tells her that this was all an initiation. Lorelai can't believe that Rory got busted for ringing a bell. She does a fake mothering routine about how dare Rory think she can just go around ringing bells and doing things like that when she's not the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Rory asks to leave. Lorelai asks whether she needs to talk to Charleston. Rory says she thinks it's going to be okay.

L. Luke's the next morning. Lorelai sits down. Luke says that the party last night was good. He says he liked her look: high-class substitute teacher. Lorelai asks for coffee to go. Then she offers her opinion for free. She asks Luke not to date Ava because she thinks it'd be awkward for Luke to see a Chilton Mom. Luke says that Lorelai has some nerve, even gall, to come in and tell him who he can and cannot date, as if her life trumps his. Lorelai asks whether he sees any validity in her side. Luke says she can't tell him who he can and cannot date and that she'll just have to deal with it. Lorelai says she'll deal with it, but that she thought he might care about something that might affect their relationship because if the situation were reversed (oh, you mean like you getting married to some guy Luke hardly knows, Lorelai?) then she'd want to have a discussion about it. She tells him to just go ahead and date Ava, marry her, and make her Mrs. BackwardsBaseballCap. Lorelai starts to leave, and Luke tells her that he wasn't asking Ava out on a date, but was merely giving her directions back to Hartford. He says it was very romantic and he told her to catch the I-5 south and the sparks were flying between them. Lorelai pouts and stammers that it's so like him to tell someone to take the I-5 when that's not the quickest way back to Hartford. You take the 11. Everybody knows that, she says. Everybody but him. She's a crazy woman.

M. Rory sits at the lunch table in Chilton. She doesn't sit with the Puffs, but goes back to her book reading/ Walkman table. The pouty would-be Puff girl walks up and asks whether she may sit at the table. Rory says she can. The other girl pulls out a book and reads. Rory is happy to have her table back, and as Djb aptly noted, Betty Finn is back with Veronica.

Next week it's Halloween and the WB guy seems to think I care who he thinks did the fake murder mystery Stars Hollow has.

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